In One's Salad Days

Wish-Bone dress

Kate (of Hats by Katrinka) sent me this link to yet another company making dresses out of food (remember the Celestial Seasonings Dress?).

This one is from Wish-Bone, to promote their new sprayable salad dressings. I did almost bail out of watching the video when I realized it was hosted by Richard Simmons (my junior high school, in a move to encourage poor body image, eating disorders, and self-loathing among adolescent girls, had us do his "aerobics" LP in gym class. Many years later, in a fit of Stockholm Syndrome-induced thrifting, I bought a copy of that LP, which will really come in handy if I ever need to blast it from speakers to make teenagers or Noriega or whoever get offa my lawn).

Anyway, click on the picture to see the fashion show, where the models gamely wear cabbage leaves and spray salad dressing into the air. (If you like this sort of thing, this is the sort of thing you like.)

I'm really not sold on the cherry-tomato jewelry. I hope they're plastic, because otherwise … just too much sticky and itchy to contemplate. And a waste of good tomatoes.

0 thoughts on “In One's Salad Days

  1. This reminds me of a flyer my boss used to have in his office for a drag queen named “Hedda Lettuce”. It seems like something she would wear…(My boss, incidentally, was a professor researching disease in lettuce. Hence the relevence of the flyer 🙂


  2. It (and Sarah’s comment) reminded me of being dragged to a drag queen show where I got the inspiration to creat a Queen Bee costume for Halloween ( I took first place – thanks Drag Queens!) Anyway this is giving me Creature from the Black Lagoon or Attack of the Killer Tomatoes or perhaps the REvenge of Mr. MacGregors Garden costume ideas…”film at 11″


  3. If this if from awhile ago, I think either Jay McCarroll or Austin Scarlett of Project Runway fame did a salad dress for this show.


  4. Hey now, I don’t know if we should be disrespecting Richard Simmons. Why, I once saw some games of the $25 Pyramid at Roscoe’s in Boys Town where “he” and “Charro” were the celebrity guests.John Edwards was actually paired with “Charro” for a game, but it did not go well.


  5. This dress reminds me of the first episode of Project Runway season one when one of the guys made his dress of cornhusks!! I LOVE IT!!


  6. Wow, you’re right (Anonymous, not iopine, although, THANK you, iopine). Heh. Obviously I now have nothing new to say about dresses and should shut down. I also like that I used basically the same subject line for both posts …


  7. But wow, what gorgeous colors those veggies have … the cabbage dress in particular: the purples of the bodice, the chalky whites, the variety of greens!


  8. FYI, this was included in the portfolio of Chris, one of the designers on the most recent season of Project Runway. He’s fabulous.


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