That's Liza with a 'Z' (and Marisa with one 'S')

Berenson Ferre dress

Robin sent me this link, from Doyle Galleries.

This is a dress of Marisa Berenson's, and was worn when she was matron of honor (!) along with Elizabeth Taylor (!) at Liza Minelli's wedding in 2002.

Me, I'm just happy that we live in a world where this is considered a BRIDESMAID'S DRESS. (Okay, okay, MATRON of HONOR.) Do you think Marisa sat down and said "Liza, I'm so happy for you, darling, but no butt-bow on the back of my dress, please" and Liza got a little vague and thought she heard "No back"?

Leaving aside my well-known prejudices about black dresses at weddings (although this falls under the Bridesmaid Exception, to be sure) I'm not sure I'd ever wear this (not that I'd ever get the chance, it's both $4K and a size 6) unless I was trying to costume a play in which all the characters were animated gothic furniture. Although maybe if I were in a wedding where the best men were Michael and Tito Jackson, I'd just say "what the hell!" and go for it. Luckily I've never been in that situation. Who among us knows what we'd choose at that point?

Click through to the news story, if you dare, just to see a picture of co-Matron-of-Honor Liz Taylor's hat. Liz Taylor, is, in my opinion, one of the most technologically advanced cyborgs among us today, and I love her for it.

Oh, Liza and David, those crazy kids! With all this fashion around them, why couldn't they make it work?

0 thoughts on “That's Liza with a 'Z' (and Marisa with one 'S')

  1. It’s really amazing how far removed the very rich are from the rest of us. I don’t think I could pull that dress off in ANY situation! And I am glad you liked the photos I sent you of the clothes-furniture. I was very suprised when I saw it yesterday.


  2. By happy coincidence, I just found a book nominally by Marisa Berenson about how to dress for any occasion–published in 1984 and surprisingly full of pictures of her slinking around in surprisingly risque lingerie, although there’s also some great pictures of very Cindy Lauper party dresses and some ill-advised pictures of pleated pants. Also a few interesting pictures of her with her grandmother Elsa Schiaparelli.


  3. If I remember rightly, Liza told her 16 or so bridesmaids to wear whatever they liked, as long as it was a dress and it was black. I had thought she’d stipulated floor-length, too, but apparently not. But since that whole wedding was a complete freakshow, it didn’t seem that odd!


  4. I guess the hat generated a lot of conversation at the wedding. What else was there to talk about?


  5. For me, the choice would be “live through this–somehow,” or “die of embarassment–instantaneously.”The dress: it’s appalling. But it’s also morbidly fascinating.


  6. Was this the wedding where she married the freak who she is now divorced from – the one who claimed she abused him, etc? I’m guessing he picked out the dress!


  7. Oh my God, look at her face in that picture. I’m hoping it’s just a trick of the light or something.That dress would make any normal person look like the Thanksgiving turkey, what with those sleeves an’ all.


  8. I just re-read these comments and noted that Kate-In-England says that M. Berenson CHOSE that dress?! Isn’t that a Class A Felony?


  9. It’s difficult to type a comment that lives up to the awesomeness of your posts. I love this blog immeasurably. Thanks for keeping it up!


  10. If I remember rightly, Liza told her 16 or so bridesmaids to wear whatever they liked, as long as it was a dress and it was black. That was the same stipulation my SIL made (though she only had three bridesmaids and she added that she wanted gold accessories. Gaahhh).I happen to be one of those odd people who rather hates black because it makes me look dead, as I did in all of the wedding pictures. I definitely think the no black at weddings rule should stand.


  11. Hey! What is with all of these “rules”? I am a new reader and had just composed myself after the hilarity of tossed salad gals but I feel like I have been slapped in the face after following your link to the rules for wedding attire post. Less talk of rules! Weddings can be oddly trying as it is. Have another drink and get back on the dance floor, ignore the back polyester crowd in the corner!PS 6 letters across, description for crossword dress-winner 🙂


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