By Jupiter!

ebay item 8305987417

Jen at sent me this link — oh, yay for novelty print sundresses, especially now that the weather's warming up. If I had my druthers (and I have to admit, I usually do, at least when it comes to dresses) I wouldn't wear anything that wasn't novel in some way between Memorial Day and the Tuesday after Labor Day.

This one, of course, is a stellar example — the neckline alone would put it in that category, but the pockets give it escape velocity.

It's being listed by Marie92001, and the starting bid is about $50 right now — but it ends on the 27th, so plenty of time to get your bid in. It's B34, and the shipping cost is only $6.95 — I *do* so like sellers who keep the shipping low. There's nothing worse than forgetting to check and then finding out that the shipping is twice the Priority Mail flat-rate box postage!

Anyway, the stars have certainly aligned for this dress — I'm half-tempted to start googling solar system fabric, myself. Of course, to be truly geeky, you'd have to have a button-front dress with the buttons spaced like the planets … if that would even work; I have a vague memory of doing a "relative distances of the planets" thing in fourth grade, where Mercury was on the teacher's desk and Pluto ended up being at the far end of the athletic field. So perhaps it wouldn't work on a dress. But differently sized/colored buttons probably would!

0 thoughts on “By Jupiter!

  1. You have to smile when you look at this dress. The fabric is charming and so is the styling. Love the piping at the neckline!


  2. Sewpaula, you are so right! It WOULD be perfect for Ms. Frizzle! (I wish I could shave a few inches off myself so that it would be perfect for me. Waaa!)And did anyone notice that the bodice has rhinestones? Like little stars! Stellar!!


  3. Planetary spacing … ? Let’s see. Chucking the recently-demoted Pluto and assuming buttons all the way down the front (what, maybe 40 inches?)- Mercury – Neckline- Venus – 1/2″ down- Earth – 7/8″ down- Mars – 1-1/2″ down- Jupiter – 6-1/2″ down- Saturn – 12-1/4″ down- Uranus – 25-3/8″ down- Neptune – 40″ downHmm, might present some gapping problems. Oh, but fill in the gaps with hidden snaps maybe … or maybe not.Another idea, use an even button spacing down the front, but use mostly a white or beige button that nearly matches the fabric. Then replace the beige buttons with appropriate colored buttons at the planetary spacings; a grey for Mercury, yellow for Venus, blue for Earth, red for Mars and so on.


  4. Oooooo! I love that dress! The neckline, she is perfect! I need to find a pattern like that and make myself a dress like that. Just have to find worthy fabric!


  5. I love the whole shape of this dress, from the neckline (would you call it it a semi-sweetheart?) to the fitted waist and full flaring skirt and the jaunty unashamed pockets. I don’t actually care about the novelty print…if it safe to admit that here? I mean, yeah, it is cute and all, and as others have mentioned it has a Ms. Frizzle-ish zany appeal. But I think the dress shape is what is so cool, and if it were in my size I’d be bidding.


  6. Very cute. I could never wear it, though, as the obvious non-matching of the print at the center front would drive me batty.


  7. Miss Frizzle or not, my jaw dropped when I saw that. The piping and the pockets and the fact that its a very RETRO solar system… if I had the cash it would be mine.


  8. Oh my, I am in love. I would pay stupid money for that fabric. Good thing the dress is pretty far from my size.Le sigh. 🙂


  9. Love it, love it LOVE IT! Had to LOL about your idea for the planetary spacing of the buttons, Erin, and it’s after 1:00 am so I had to shush myself! Can’t be waking up the neighbors…


  10. I love this dress (wear it to the planetarium and have a lot of fun!). te he. Gotta like the pockets too.~Amelia


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