Liberty: An Essential Part of Any Complete Fabric Week

Liberty Peter

This seems to be part of the new Liberty range for 2007; the auction for this colorway is over, but the seller, laluthan, has some in brown, still. (I've bought from her before; she's very nice!)

If I make it to the UK this year (hoping perhaps in September) I know what I'm buying. I only hope they have it in the twill as well as the lawn, so that I can make a nice heavy skirt out of it. And maybe a green colorway? Or an orange one? That would be perfect.

This one really reminds of my favorite Liberty print ever, the one with the stars and dots (I wish I remembered its name!) …

Don't mind me; I'll just be over here daydreaming about Liberty prints.

0 thoughts on “Liberty: An Essential Part of Any Complete Fabric Week

  1. I know I’ve asked this plaintive, not to say whiney, question before…is it really, honestly true that Liberty is only available on e-bay or in the UK?


  2. Sigh. You’re a fabric enabler! (I found it in blue in that ebay shop and clicked “buy it now”). :)But really, no complaints! I never ever ever find prints I like, let alone in some lovely Liberty!I have seen a few bolts of Liberty at an upscale fabric stores in Oregon and Texas, but they never looked that awesome.


  3. I love that print cos I love anything Paisley, specially in those colours, but don’t really love Liberty cottons. maybe cos here Downunder they are practically impossible to buy. But hey next time I’m in christchurch…


  4. *sigh* Liberty.Lawn. I have a beautiful piece I bought in the summer of ’88, in downtown Chicago. I STILL have not made anything because I am still waiting for the perfect blouse pattern to magically appear. I just go up to the attic and feel the fabric(wrapped in the Liberty tissue paper still) every now and then.


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