ComicCon dress

ComicCon Dress

Allyson sent me a link to this dress that was wandering around the Comic-Con in San Diego. Well, it was being worn by this person above, not wandering around on its own (hey, it's Comic-Con, you never know …) The WB gave out enormous Smallville promo bags, and this enterprising person made a dress out of one (possibly two)! (Here's another Smallville-themed bag-dress.)

I've never gone to a Comic-Con (not for lack of interest, mind you) and now I think I really need to wrangle an excuse to go. Doesn't anyone need a dress-themed on-the-ground report from Comic-Con?

Allyson sending me this dress allows me to do something I've been meaning to do for a while, which is rave over her book, Will The Vampire People Please Leave the Lobby? (And not just because I'm mentioned in it.) Seriously, when Allyson told me she was working on a book, I think my first reaction was a pumped fist in the air, because, not only does Allyson have the best stories, Allyson is also one of the Best People. Allyson is why God made the internet, so you could meet people like Allyson. Allyson's book is "about" Buffy the Vampire Slayer fandom, but what it's *really* about is how the internet makes it possible to meet the long-lost friends you never knew before. About how communities arise around the strangest interests, like Buffy, or, you know, dresses.

If you like this blog, you should probably thank Allyson (by buying her book, see link above), because without her and the people like her (and the people who like her) I wouldn't have started hanging out online, and I wouldn't have started blogging, and I'd spend my time doing whatever it was I did before I blogged. (I can't even remember what that was … nothing special, I'm sure.)

So thanks Allyson, for the link. And for you!

0 thoughts on “ComicCon dress

  1. ohmygosh! Those bags were so huge and she had the perfect idea! I wish I had seen her! Comic-Con is becoming more and more crazy-crowded every year. If you want to go, you’d better do it soon! Our waiter at hard rock cafe actually told us on Thursday of the “event” that they are talking about moving it to Vegas to hold the crowds. Thanks for telling about the book: i’ve heard of it but never knew exactly what it was about. Must go buy.


  2. Now that’s a stunt dress if I ever saw one! She need a cape and some Linda Carter “Wonder Woman” boots to complete the look.


  3. Hee. All I can tell you is that at my first ComicCon, I went dressed as Vampirella. Not something I’d do these days – unless the audience was really, really, REALLY drunk …However, at the time, it was well-received.


  4. Comic-con will be in San Diego until at least 2012, though this is the first year that all 3 main days were sold out in advance. It is literally the talk of the town for a week here. So if you go, get tickets early, like next spring. Don’t be one of the sorry sacks standing on the street waiting for people to leave before you can get in….Insane amounts of every kind of dress and costume – not to mention HUGE crowds.


  5. I went to Comic-Con one year because my friend had free passes. We live in the area and thought “oh, what the heck.”It was a laugh, because there is just so much to look at. It’s a good experience, but I wouldn’t say that a trip to San Diego based strictly on planned Comic-Con attendance is the best way to spend your money. One might find oneself wondering what else there is.Maybe piggy-backing something else, like a short family vacation, or a speaking engagement . . . or . . . something else . . . .


  6. Honestly, those bags were so huge, it would only take one to make this dress. She did a great job–unaltered, the bags were hideous…and an Open Sesame for shoplifting (speaking as a fuss-budget vendor).


  7. I live in downtown SD and got a HUGE kick out of the costumes last weekend! I love this dress, though! So cute and just right for our strangely hot & humid weather!


  8. No, you should by your tickets this month. There is a discount special if you buy now.However let me use this opportunity to say that Comic Con has just screwed the small artists. My Boyfriend and I were there this year and he had a table at the artist ally. They are cutting the table size (to 4 feet), putting restrictions on the size of your display (3 feet), and now are charging to have a table. The point of the artist ally is to promote the small artists that don’t make a ton of money but are up and coming. And I can say that my boy didn’t make back the money he spent to get there and sell his art. However Comic Con as an organization is pushing out the little guys to make room for the big names. Anyone that was there what was up with the Sci/Fi Networks ugly display? Full of money politics and we won’t be attending next year. So, save your money or at least write a mean letter to complain.


  9. Are these bags/dresses made of *plastic*? The very thought of wearing a plastic dress makes my skin crawl while plaintively crying, “Cotton, can someone bring me something cotton?”Rita


  10. Hi there, I am the person that made (and wore) the dress. I used two bags.. I probably could have just used one, but I wanted to make sure that I preserved as much of the bag pattern as possible.The bag was made out of a cloth-like fabric, a little stiff but very durable and super easy to sew. I lined it with cotton since I was worried about it being itchy too. However, the straps of the dress were just the straps of the bag and it was very comfortable all day.Worst part was the HEELS!Anyway, thanks for the shout out, and great site!


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