What Day Is It?

Can anyone tell me? Preferably someone in the Central or Eastern time zones? I am most impressively jetlagged, the kind of jetlagged that I most associate with people who are abducted in spy movies. I was mildly surprised to wake up this morning in a hotel room, and not, in fact, duct-taped to an aluminum chair.

However, I am aware enough of my surroundings to find and admire this pattern:

Advance 2755

I'm intrigued by the hem ruffle lately, especially the half-hem ruffle. Just enough, you know, and no more. An admirable sufficiency. I think I'd leave the bows off this one … unless I could make them out of wired ribbon so that I'd have a handy lockpick/garotte in the unlikely eventuality that I ever DID wake up duct-taped to an aluminum chair.

Click on the image to visit the auction listing (from Dama Fortuna Vintage). It's a BuyItNow, though, so don't be surprised if it's already gone when you get to it. (I'm not buying it — in my jetlagged state I shouldn't be trusted with the purchase of so much as a pair of socks.)

A couple of folks have emailed me about their tape measures: some went out before I went to Tokyo/Taipei … the rest will be mailed on Thursday, when I am finally home. If you don't have yours by now, you're probably in the Thursday cohort, unless you are Not in the U.S. (although I tried to mail the international ones first as they are probably going to take the longest in transit).

Thursday … that's tomorrow, right? I hope so. I'd hate to misplace a Wednesday, they're so hard to come by …

0 thoughts on “What Day Is It?

  1. Just check and make sure for me that you have all your teeth and your hair isn’t fire-engine red, K? : )The flat ruffle fits nicely with many things and I love the little bit added to the paneled dress. It adds volume without poof (not the footstool kind).~Becky


  2. Hi Erin!Yes, today IS Wednesday. I find it kind of hard to appreciate Wednesdays until they’re gone. I was kinda wishing I could actually skip today and get to the weekend that much quicker! You’ve been missing the hellishly hot and humid weather that Chicago is having now, though I imagine that you could be experiencing same where you’re at. I really like the dress, I think you really captured the feeling of the dress, the black one is like something Miss Moneypenny would wear for an evening out.


  3. No, DON’T leave off the bows! They are an insouciant punctuation to the ruffles! The mistake would be to wear this dress if you are (like me) well over 40. Then you would look like Dolores Umbridge.


  4. Dolores Umbridge! Hilarious! I do like the dress- but it would be all wrong on me. Still, I’m impressed you can be so coherent while jet-lagged.


  5. I love the dress too but it would be just AWFUL on me. I look like an inverted triangle huge top=broad shoulders and back – thick middle followed by small hips and nice legs. I need something that balances the top and bottom.


  6. I love it! Love it! It was indeed, already sold out. Good thing it was too large for me. I love that idea of partial ruffles, thank you for the inspiration!


  7. Ahhh.. so that explains the buy it now I woke up to this morning! Thank you for the mention Erin! This one is gone but I do have a Butterick 6015 Walk Away dress pattern in a 36 bust (unused, uncut) up for auction this week and a wonderful 1939 suit pattern in a 38″ bust if anyone is looking for either of those. Thanks again!


  8. Erin.. I got my tape measure several days ago, in Scotland! I’m very happy with it, thanks a million.I know how you feel. I’m not jetlagged or hungover, but I still know how you feel! Once you get home strong sunshine in the local morning should help you adjust, but meantime you can always have as many Wednesdays as you like for the next week and by the time it rolls around again you should be ready for it.PS Yesterday I received my very first Vintage pattern, my very first Vintage DRESS pattern – all your fault. Can’t wait to try it!Cheers,AJ


  9. OMG, this dress is so lovely and lady-like! I wonder if my friend will be able to custom make a version of this for me….?Today’s otherwise known as Sarcastic Wednesdays thanks to Hallmark’s Hoops&YoYo.


  10. Ha–I have that pattern and the dress my grandmother made from it, view 2 in black.It was my little black dress until the unfortunate weight gain after the divorce.


  11. Sorry to tell you Erin, but it IS Thursday! Wednesday was an awful round of bills and errands and groceries and so I was happy to wake up this morning to know I get to saty home, hopefully to enter my sewing room for a few happy moments.I love that dress and it would have looked great on me at one time. I wonder how much weight I still need to loose before dresses like that look great on me again?!


  12. Yes, I can confirm from EST that Thursday has indeed arrived. Like Gail, I am hoping to get into my own sewing room for a few moments today.Tomorrow (which will be Friday), I am jumping on the train to go from rural Ontario to Montreal (where it will still be Friday when I arrive.) I shall be taking two 21″ suitcases one for clothes, personal things, and unsewn fabric; in the other, I shall be shlepping my Bernina 1030, plus necessary gadgets. I hope to get a lot of sewing done while I spend next week housesitting and looking after 7 cats! Unfortunately, none of the garments I’m working on right now is remotely like the lovely dress you’ve chosen for this post, Erin. ‘Twouldn’t flatter me at all. (Sigh!)Can anyone recommend fabric shops in Montreal? I love Montreal dearly, but am clueless about this most important of the city’s resources.(By the way, Erin, speaking as an ‘international’ reader from your point of view, it was dear of you and I love your notion of fairness to mail out the tape measures to international destinations first so that they all might arrive more or less at the same time. Even though I’m (yet) not one of the folks who shall be receiving one!)


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