This is how you get in trouble

Never, ever, for the love of all that's holy, really, THIS MEANS YOU, say "oh, I'll just browse on eBay for a few minutes while I wait for those files to copy over." Seriously. That's how you get into this kind of trouble:

Simplicity 1523

and this kind:

Simplicity 1990

At least they were both from the same seller, Vintage Peacock, so I saved a whopping $2.00 on shipping.

I swear, I can trawl eBay for hours looking for something specific, and turn up bupkis, but let me idly wander over for ten minutes while I should be doing something else, and things like this fall in my lap. The universe is nothing if not perverse.

So: let me be a warning to you all. A grim, terrible, foreboding warning. Or, you know, an inspiration. You choose. 🙂

0 thoughts on “This is how you get in trouble

  1. That is EXACTLY the reason that I have stopped looking on ebay adn other such lists unless I have money in the bank to spend….I have no self control, and tend to find LOTS of things that I NEED when I am browsing and don’t have any budget left!


  2. Dress No. 1 on 1990 is really great..especially for those of us with small waists, large hips. That said, the bodice looks so fitted I’d be afraid to even to eat a Golden Delicious apple wearing it. I might bust a side zipper or a seam. Then I’d have to pretend I was a haughty Model all evening long with my hand fixed to the offending spot until I got home.


  3. I saw a Doris Day movie where she went swanning off to a cocktail party in a coat whose lining matched her dress. The vision has been with me, off and on, ever since. Last night I was trolling the vintage patttern sites and kept seeing D. Dayesque ensembles. And now this. I believe The Universe is telling me something.


  4. Ooooooh. #2 of the second pattern would look swell with a multi-colored polka dotty fabric, something in browns, greens, oranges and other Neopolitan-y colors. A chocolate brown bodice? What a fun pattern.


  5. My comment isn’t specifically related to this particular post, but I have two things to say:1. Your TED talk was absolutely darling and inspiring and funny. You’re a great public speaker. 2. Now that a cold snap has *finally* reached the Midwest, I am anxious to see an exploration of long-sleeved dress options. Or a discussion of some sort about long sleeves. All summer I have been pretending it would never again grow cold (or that I might magically move to another climate), and I have been sewing short-sleeved and sleeveless dresses like mad. I know, however, that reality will soon set in, and, alas, cold weather will arrive in about a month. And I’m not prepared! I have piles of wintry fabrics and am drawing a complete blank as to what to make with them. As yours is a rather respectable opinion on these types of subjects, I would be ever so happy if you would make a post one day soon about long sleeves. I have yet to see a long-sleeved pattern I adore, and I’m hoping you’ll have som recommendations. I’m also wondering if I should just give up and settle for my predictable solution of throwing a cardigan over everything.


  6. I love the first pattern; the second looks to me like a Haloween costume. I love coats with matching linings – pretty should always be our goal! NOT slutty! Men sleep with slutty; they marry pretty. Or, at least good cooks…


  7. Love the second one! Especially with the little jacket. How stylish! I like the collar on the first one, but otherwise it doesn’t excite me much.And I’ve been all over eBay this week, as I decided to sell about sixty wedding magazines I had bought while planning my wedding. And, um, while planning to get engaged, etc. Wow, people will pay a lot of money for those old Martha Stewarts! Got about an hour left…


  8. Thank you for using the term “bupkes” in this post. I have been trying to convince my husband that it is legitimate… now a dictionary editor uses it. Perfect.


  9. UGH! trying to search for a pattern with a YEAR # is torture. that said, I do love the Simplicity 1990. sucha good pattern for the little bit of patterned fabric example you posted a few weeks ago.


  10. UGH! trying to search for a pattern with a YEAR # is torture. that said, I do love the Simplicity 1990. sucha good pattern for the little bit of patterned fabric example you posted a few weeks ago.


  11. How luxurious to have a matching coat and dress. I definitely agree that it is a Doris Dayesque outfit. What fun to walk around feeling like Doris Day!


  12. elizabeththewellreadYou made me snort out loud. I’m so glad to see I’m not the only person to do that. I like the way you dealt with it in your last post; I’ll have to remember that.


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