Renegade Craft Fair Roundup!

I made it down to the Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago yesterday, and it was great! I think I hit every booth (and gave away a lot of A Dress A Day tape measures) … I'm sorry if I missed you!

Where to start … the first thing I saw that I really wanted (and of course it was sold out) were these hedgehog notecards (so erinaceous!) from Papered Together. Want. Am watching her store to see when they come back in stock!

hedgehog cards

There were so many great print/stationery/card people at the fair, I had to restrain myself from buying a file cabinet's worth of cute paper. I did buy a postcard for my husband from Rar Rar (unfortunately not on their etsy site) that was a lyric from a Kanye song: "Chi-Town, We gon' show em how we get down" in fancy old-timey type. And I bought this from

mama robot

I plan to frame it and put it in my son's room. So cute! (Although also, now that I look at it again, slightly scary!)

Other stuff I coveted, in randomish order:

I also got to talk with Nora and Benedikte of BurdaStyle, so expect some fun things to come out of that, too!

I did not buy any dresses at the fair, but I did make a new one to wear. I'll post it in the next couple days …

0 thoughts on “Renegade Craft Fair Roundup!

  1. My favorites were the dyed and screenprinted slip dresses from had seen (and couldn’t stop thinking about) one of her slip dresses at Art vs. Craft in Milwaukee earlier this summer, so when she was at RCF this weekend, I had to get one. I love these events because, inevitably, someone makes something I can’t make or wouldn’t spend time making. I’m no good at drawing, so screenprinting is out for me, thus I’ll always buy something screenprinted. Did you see the wonderful great lakes t-shirts? I made my guy get one of those. We’re big Midwest-pride people.


  2. at the Atlanta Antique Gallery there is a bakelite raygun pin you should check out. It’s robotrific. I would have e mailed u a picture but their site pictures can’t be copied. cassandra


  3. What has happened to the kangaroo’s ‘special parts’ on the Kitt.tees website???Has someone made a coin purse out of them (bad Aussie craft!)


  4. As an avid cyclist I wanted to see the skeleton on a bike print. No wonder it is called “Death’s Chariot”! Whoever spoked those wheels (no, not spooked) had no idea what he was doing and they’d fall apart in a horrible fashion, shortly after one started a ride (it’s all in how the spokes meet at the hub). Now, here’s some spoke art (not mine – just found in a local shop window):


  5. crikey, i went too — and apparently missed all the sewing booths excet the fab quilters and the $20 fabric handbags. oh for a dress a day tape measure!


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