captcha re-captcha'd

I'm getting slammed with stupid pharmacy comment spam (would anyone buying your possibly-contaminated drugs from scummy web pages stop please right now? You only encourage them!) so I've turned on the captcha for a day or so until they go pick on someone else.

I'm sorry to inconvenience you all, but it's hideously boring to go and delete all the spammy comments!

With any luck I can turn it off in a few days. Thanks for understanding.

0 thoughts on “captcha re-captcha'd

  1. These are generated in third-world and East European countries. It’s entirely random, nothing to do with whether or not people actually buy the products. I’m told that it’s very important not to open them, just to delete them straight away if you suspect anything from the email title. Supposedly opening them sends some kind of message back to the sender that they are being received, and that encourages them to send more.


  2. In actual fact, opening them doesn’t make any difference. It is the receipt on a server (before you even get it in your inbox) that indicates a valid e-mail address was used.The best defence is an agressive spam filter by the internet provider that blacklists the mail from known sources. The filter service bounces the mail. That’s only temporary because the spammers find different servers to get through so it is an ongoing battle.It is of course important to never respond to any of these spammers and as the previous poster said, most of this spam originates from Asia and Eastern Europe. We have found that unprotected servers in Korea are spewing out millions of e-mails in a complex routing system so that it is often very hard to determine the original source.


  3. I’ve been getting spammed like crazy all weekend and there’s no way to block them, because they’re coming from my address – which of course in white listed. Still, people somewhere must open these cheap drug e-mails (and the stock quotes and the offers to make things larger or do things with farm animals). I’ve been getting a ton of foreign language spam lately, too, which shows up as nothing but random characters.


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