Everything's coming up roses

Roses dress

I'm trying to be better about posting more pictures of stuff I've sewn. This is a dress from several years ago (maybe three? I remember wearing it to see Simon Winchester reading from Krakatoa at the NYPL, so a while back). I had this crazy desire for a VERY ROSES dress and then I found some quilting cotton at eQuilter, and the rest is history.

It's from this pattern, only short sleeved.

Here's the bodice:

Roses dress

And, for all you covered-button fans, here are the buttons:

Roses dress

And speaking of roses-dresses, Pamela (Glamoursurf on eBay) sent me a link to this wonder. Roses AND black chiffon! I think there are several states where that combination is illegal, so be sure to read the terms and conditions before bidding.

AND, before I forget AGAIN, Miss Helene has put up a Squidoo lens about sewing patterns! What's a Squidoo lens? A list of helpful links on a particular topic, put together by a real person (in this case, the topic is sewing patterns, and the real person is Lisa at Miss Helene's). Check it out! You can't edit it yourself, but you can add suggestions in the comments …


0 thoughts on “Everything's coming up roses

  1. Off topic, but have you ever tried something like DuBarry 5418 at http://k.b5z.net/i/u/6040209/i/du5418.jpg ? It’s pretty simple, but practical, and i’m positive you can use a different color in the side bits. I photoshopped (yes i’m using it as a verb) it (badly) and am trying to decide between a darker red for the red one or a pale yellow for the green.I bet you could do that one in roses. You, not me.


  2. I once owned a dress very similar to that roses & chiffon dealie, only it was blue and green roses and blue/green chiffon. Kind of roses and chiffon on LSD.


  3. OMG! I LUV that dress and if I got the chance, I would steal that pattern from you in a heatbeat. It will now go in the list of vintage patterns that I will search for until the end of my days.


  4. How funny to see that fabric again! I made a simple dress with a v.e.r.y full skirt out of that same fabric! I wore it to my cousin’s wedding and matched it with light pink shoes and gloves. I found it at a remnant table for something ridiculous like <$2/yd. Your dress turned out gorgeous and I love the buttons! !


  5. Ooh, pretty! And I (as previously stated) HATE pink. So it must be really pretty to impress me ;-)Very happy to see the gems hiding in your wardrobe.


  6. That really is my favorite dress so far. That bodice is a knockout, not to mention the fabric. That stuff was MADE to be sewn into a dress like that. I think I need to get that pattern!


  7. I love the dress! If you ever see the movie How To Make An American Quilt I think you’d enjoy the dresses the women wear when various parts of the story are told in flashbacks…it’s the reason I watch the movie a few times a year…Lovely blog!


  8. yes, to echo everyone’s comments, that is a lovely dress. I LOVE pink. And roses. And covered buttons. What I DON’T love is glancing at the time on my monitor and noticing that hours have passed and I have been off in pattern-land (the latest search is for 70s designs for a garment challenge), so completely distracted that I haven’t even finished catching up on reading THIS blog, because I have become lost while following the links you so generously provide for us, Erin! It’s so much fun feeding the TimeMonster when I let it loose in patternland…This digital immigrant has a question: what is the difference/advantage of a Squidoo lens versus the list you have on your blog? It’s just fine if you tell me that I should ask someone else, or refer me elsewhere. 🙂


  9. FYI J.Jill is selling a long sleeved velvet version of this dress. Theirs buttons/snaps all the way down the front, but other than that very similar style lines. mmmmmm velvet!


  10. Erin, that is an absolutely drop-dead gorgeous dress! *gasp* I have become seriously jaded and believe that very few truly attractive and wearable dresses exist today. All the vintage patterns I drool over only serve to deepen my longing for the days of beauty long lost.But this dress. I covet this dress! I adore this dress! Wow. Just wow.P.S. I emailed you some time ago about my disgust for modern maternity wear and I have to tell you I still have not found one wearable item anywhere! Argh! I’m not running about in the nude (!!!) I promise you, but that fate is fast approaching if I don’t find something I can tolerate.


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