Vegas, Baby!

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I'm going to be in Las Vegas for about 36 hours early next week … and since I don't drink, don't gamble, and can only eat two or three pounds of shrimp cocktail before feeling like a beached gray whale, I was wondering if anyone had any leads on fabric stores convenient to the Strip?

I dimly remember being pointed to a fabric store in Vegas before, but of course neither my actual brain or the distributed brain I've cobbled together through OS X and Google have turned up anything …

Reader of the blog Kris would like to know, too, so if have suggestions, would you leave them in the comments?


0 thoughts on “Vegas, Baby!

  1. Robin beat me to it, but YES you MUST go to the Liberace museum! It will inspire you to come home and sew a rhinestone-encrusted dress. My favorite part of the museum was when the little old lady docent told us about some of Liberace’s dogs “taking out” another one of the dogs, like it was a mob hit. So if you get a little old lady docent be sure to ask about his dogs. :-)L.G.


  2. Valentino’s Zoot Suit Connection – I think this is the place that I went to a long time ago. They had awesome vintage dresses and suits.


  3. I too recommend Heddy’s Fabrics, although they’re not very big on the prints that you tend to buy. Their strong point is fancy fabrics like velvets, sequins, satins, slinky and the like. There are a fair few high end natural fiber fabrics- wool crepes, suitings and flannels, silk georgettes, charmeuses and dupionis, but not a lot of cottons, or at least not last time I was there. They do have loads and loads of different trims, but I can’t vouch for rick-rack, because I was too busy looking at the velvet ribbon and flapper fringe. Heddy’s is a little way out from the Strip, but not way far, traffic aside. Google maps gives me 5.8 miles.


  4. Not fabric, but definitely visit the Attic: last time I went, they charged a $1 “cover”. I guess they had a lot of lookie-loos after the Visa commercial came out.There used to be a showgirls’ costume store nearby, with lots and lots of marabou. Cheers, -MisAdventure


  5. I love that. I don’t drink or gamble either and I’m allergic to shrimp. But shopping for fabric in Vegas? I knew there was a reason I keep reading this blog! I hope you find some good ones! Preferably with Las Vegas themes, too!


  6. hi there. i represent a company called heavenly couture, and we JUST launched our website. the site address is:www.getheavenly.comif you get a chance, we’d LOVE if you guys would drop by the site just to check out our selection and share it with your audience. we have tons of tops, jeans, dresses, and skirts, and EVERY SINGLE ITEM is only $16 each!!thanks very much, and best wishes!janet


  7. I too think The Attic is a good call. I was last there in 1997, so a lot can happen in 10 years. I scored a great green velvet hat and a black, wool knit cape-let with gold embroidery of Austrian manufacture. Again, it was 10 years ago but at that time there was a swell representation of sweaters and twin sets from the 1950’s.


  8. Jealous Jealous Jealous!!! Oh I love Vegas, and I haven’t been in years. I never made it to a fabric store, but wow did we scour the thrift stores there. Ten years ago there was some pretty fine thrift-hunting in those parts. I’m not sure if it’s still so plentiful, though.If you’re a fan of architecture and design, check out the shopping mall at Aladdin Casino & Hotel. The place really does look like something out of Arabian Nights. Beautiful.–Lydia


  9. The international furniture mart (it is a high rise building, an all day event!) might be an interesting place to view fabric. You know how it is, the designer furniture is always about five years ahead of the fashion trend. Good to get a heads up on what is going to happen.


  10. It’s not the Aladdin anymore, it’s Planet Hollywood, but it’s still nice. They just re-did it, and it’s well worth seeing. The Attic is pretty crappy, don’t bother. I’m STILL hoping someone points me to a good fabric store!


  11. We have several good QUILTING shops but I have yet to find any fashion fabric stores outside of Jo-Anns. The quilting stores are Nancy’s Quilt Shop (nice and big), Christmas Goose(very cute), Fabric Boutique(big) and Quiltique(haven’t been but heard good things). None of them are really close to the strip so it would take a taxi ride. The first three are fairly close to each other but Quiltique is way south of the stip. If you do decide to hit Jo-Anns don’t go to the one on Sahara. It’s TINY and kinda dirty. I went to the Attic a couple months ago and was disappointed but they do have a lot of stuff.No cover when I went.


  12. Heddy’s is by far the best fabric store in Las Vegas. They have been here forever. Moved to a much larger store about a year ago about a block away from the old location. Heddy’s daughter now runs the store. Great selection and customer service.


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