Incentive Drabble #1

pink dress incentive drabble

As promised, here's an "incentive drabble" to help push this year's donation campaign (for homeless women veterans) along … once we hit $1500 in donations (and due to donations outside the widget, we're at $1250 right now, so there's not that far to go) there will be a full-length Secret Lives posted *and* drabbles every day from the day we reach the target to Christmas.

I thought she wasn't going to be bold enough, when she chose me. She should have chosen my sister, in red, or even had me dyed black. And the bows … I've always been self-conscious about those bows. So when the time came, and they were at her door, I was surprised when she invited him in for "one more drink." And even more surprised when I was ditched for something "more comfortable." (I am comfortable!) So, no, I don't know what happened next, but, then again, even if I did, a lady never tells (and a gentleman never asks).

[Thanks to F.Baer for the image!]

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0 thoughts on “Incentive Drabble #1

  1. erin, i tried to link through to the PayPal account to donate, but it says:”We were unable to decrypt the certificate id.”something must be awry.


  2. Lovely dress-n-drabble! If I was lucky enough to find that beauty in a thrift store I’d overdye it with lavender and then wear yellow amber beads with it. Fun to dream!


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