That Other Thing: Announcing the 2008 Dress A Daybook

2008 Daybook

Remember a while back I was going to announce something (I thought was) cool? Well, after much not-working-on-it delay, I've finally finished it: a 2008 Dress A Day daybook.

By Erin McKean

Some caveats: I haven't gotten my copy yet, so I don't really know how it looks, but other Blurb books I've seen have been nice.

Today's the last day to order for Christmas, with hugely expensive next-day shipping. I highly recommend you don't do that, honestly.

There aren't a lot of pictures in the book. At all. It's just quotations I liked.

If you don't want to order from Blurb, but you still want one, here's a PDF file … it's under a CC license so go ahead and take it to Kinko's or wherever; you might have to do some messing around with the imposition to get it to print all nice, but have at it! If you make a fancy cover for it (the pdf is just the innards) please send me a picture, okay?

0 thoughts on “That Other Thing: Announcing the 2008 Dress A Daybook

  1. I do love the About the Book blurb at the end.But I have to get a dictionary (New Oxford American, perhaps?) to figure out some of the words at the beginning. “vade mecum”?Runs off to find a dictionary.


  2. OMGosh! So all those Christmas presents I’ve been mulling over and avoiding shopping for … I could print out the PDF, make nice covers, and send Dress a Daybooks as gifts?


  3. all right:vade mecum |vd mkm; vd m-|nouna handbook or guide that is kept constantly at hand for consultation.ORIGIN early 17th cent.: modern Latin, literally go with me, from Latin vadere go, from an Indo-European root shared by WADE.You know my day is not complete unless I’ve sent someone to a dictionary, right?


  4. Erin, what a wonderful idea! I will definitely be ordering one (I certainly can’t figure out the whole printing/binding thing). And, of course, being a student of Latin, I was thrilled to see you use “vade mecum.”Gratia tibi!


  5. Erin, I don’t get it…I thought that you were going to write a book book. I do hope that this entry book, nice as it is, doesn’t stop you from publishing a collection of dresses and their stories.Your public awaits…


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