So Wrong It's Right

Yeti skirt

Okay. Admit it. You would love to have one of these skirts, right? I'd wear mine to scare small children into behaving (and to make offhand vagina dentata jokes). Wouldn't you?

Even better, the eyes are POCKETS. Yep, you can put your hands in there and direct your skirt's monstrous gaze all about the room.

Of course, this skirt (designed by JC de Castelbajac, and boy, I'd love to hang out with him, he sounds like a fun guy) is £375. Yep, that's right, nearly $800 bucks. The site (click on the image to visit it) suggests that it should be worn right below the bust, so that the fullest part of the skirt is at your hips (although they didn't show it on the mannequin that way).

I don't think that they went far enough, though. Why not make this in shaggy fake fur? Preferably green or pink? And then if anyone ever asked you where you got it, you could say, "Well, first I had to shoot a Muppet …"

(Thanks so much to Robin for sending this …)

And, in today's shameless begging for money for homeless women veterans, I thought about writing a drabble around this skirt, but it would just be "NOM NOM NOM" a hundred times … and of course I STILL cannot figure out what happened with that darn Paypal button. Obviously, Paypal hates me and all my works, but if you still want to donate via Paypal, you can use the email address on this page … and because of some "off-widget" donations, we're really at $1382 (not $1220) right now! That's less than $125 to go!

and here's the link directly to the ChangingThePresent page … Thank you!

Oh, and for those of you asking if there's going to be a Secret Lives of Dresses *book*, not just the drabbles and the daybook, the plan right now is that it's going to be a real, live NOVEL. Srsly. I can't say anything more without jinxing it (and I probably have just by saying this much) but as soon as I can announce something, I will. In VERY LARGE TYPE. Promise.


0 thoughts on “So Wrong It's Right

  1. I so love seeing fun, creative, ridiculously expensive clothing advertised, that would *so easy* to copy at home. Ssh! Did I say that out loud? Oops!At my house, it would have to be purple with a single eye (kangaroo pocket, perhaps?) since my father’s favorite song is the “Purple People Eater”. Sigh.


  2. If it’s worn right under the bust, that would put the pockets in a reasonably convenient location.No way would that fit around my rib cage, though.


  3. No doubt, canine – I mean, the pleats look tricky, but unnecesary. Thanks for the idea, JC! Maybe it’s made out of silk twill or something, or cashmere, but why, when green fun fur would have been even funner (if a little scratchy on the inside – don’t forget your slips, girls!)The question I have is, what do you do for a blouse? I think I’d want to extend the concept to a dress…maybe make the eyes around my boobs (since that’s where men want to seem to make eye contact anyway) and the mouth at hip level. And maybe a little fake-fur trim around the hem, for a beard.


  4. p.s. I’m not asking (because I don’t want to jinx you, and because I know, first hand and all too well, the precariousness of novel writing and book publishing), but I do so hope there will be photographs or at least illustrations or pictures of some sort in this novel. Then again, there don’t have to be. The words are splendid on their own.


  5. That’s a perfectly ferocious skirt! It’s perfect for intimidating everyone while fighting the xmas crowds at the mall, or for those days when I feel extra stress and I’m not taking any crap from anyone…or when I want to be left alone… I doubt anyone would mess with someone wearing a skirt that looks like it’s snarling! I would wear it at the waist, like a real skirt, and pair it with a simple white or black top. A skirt like that would not tolerate competition from a loud top. Something as feirce as that needs to be left alone, in more ways than one.


  6. That is hilarious. and yes, lets all start pulling our pants and skirts all the way up to our bras. who needs a waistline really? oy. so not looking forward to that fashion trend. sure it’ll be better than the whale tails and muffin tops but why isn’t there just a simple happy medium, you know, at the waist? Still, brilliant skirt.


  7. YES! In fur, yes! That reminds me of a comedy skit I saw on The State (?) Warning: My retelling will not be all that funny, but I try.One couple was hosting a dinner party. When somebody commented on the tastiness of the blue meat, the man of the house mentioned that it was Muppet. He and his wife then demonstrated how they captured Muppets by doing the whole “near, far” thing. Adore that skirt. I must add it to my list of things to copy. Maybe I’ll make one for me and one for the daughter. Then our skirts could talk to each other.Fun times.-Janet


  8. Is it really nerdy to say that you’re the coolest person ever with the coolest job and the coolest blogs and the absolute coolest side projects like daybooks and novel-type things?


  9. That’s not a yeti! That is clearly a sartorial interpretation of the “Chain Chomp” from Super Mario Brothers!Wow, I feel old and super dorky for remembering the Chain Chomps. Imagine the pieces of meaningful information could I remember if I cleared my memory of all the random trivia!


  10. Oh my, a novel? OMGZ! *excit…* But shhh, we shall not jinx. I don’t know if it’s even possible to make an off-hand vagina dentata joke. *ponders*


  11. The hardest work I ever did was substitute teaching. Imagine the power and control a sub would have over a classroom when wearing this skirt!


  12. After clicking on your link, I spent the first five minutes laughing my butt off. That is TOO funny. Someday, I’m going to make an apron based on this skirt, and I’m going to terrorize neighborhood children with it!HAHAHAHA!!! NOM NOM NOM NOM!!Ooh, I think I went a tad too far…


  13. I really want to copy this skirt — I would give it angry looking eyebrows and wear to work — talk during my presentation I. Don’t. Think. So!


  14. LOVE!!! And I got people. I sublet my loft down at the shop to 2 girls who make their own lines of clothing, re-styled vintage (only damaged, of course, or I’d kill them dead) and vintage textile based pieces. I’m so showing this to them!!! The variations are endless!!! Ang


  15. Rachelle, what a wonderful idea: An APRON based on this skirt!With a bib with “hair” or “ears” or ???Genius idea. What fun. I think Simplicity 3949, View A, (with a few modifications) should do the trick.CMC


  16. Dang! I love that skirt. I would wear the heck out of it and laugh all day long.Why why does it have to be so much. $30, yes. $800, no.LuvPoochie


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