Incentive Drabble #2

yellow plaid dress

It's not terrible not to be worn; it's disappointing, and it's boring, but it's not torture. It's not painful. It's just — dispiriting. I miss feeling alive by being next to something alive. And what I really miss, more than anything, is laps. You can't have a lap without a body to give you one. And I miss having a lap, a lap full of sticky little boy holding an even stickier lollipop, or a lap anchored by fifteen pounds of purring cat, or a lap full of mending. I'd even take a lap full of dishtowels to fold right now …

Thanks to Claire for the link … click on the image to visit the eBay auction for this dress.

I cannot figure out what happened with that darn Paypal button from yesterday. Obviously Paypal hates me, but if you still want to donate via Paypal, you can use the email address on this page … and because of an "off-widget" donation, we're really at $1320 (not $1220) right now! Less than $200 to go!

and here's the link directly to the ChangingThePresent page … Thank you!

0 thoughts on “Incentive Drabble #2

  1. My 18-year-old and I just linked to this dress. Checking out the measurements she asked me “What is this”


  2. OK,OK, it’s early here in California. We just noticed that the measurements are “taken with the garment laying flat.” Whew!


  3. I’m going to state the obvious: These drabbles are magnificent!I still really really hope one day there will be a Secret Lives book. I greedily want them all in one spot to look at again and again.


  4. Hey! It’s my dress!Thanks, Erin, for choosing this one! This made my day, which was very long and arduous after fainting at a blood drive (ALWAYS eat breakfast…). I love your drbbles and like Tea am hoping for a someday “Secret Lives of Dresses” book.


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