Like Taking Window Treatments From a Baby

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I just bought two of these curtain panels from Target. They are going to be a dress. Seriously, I'm not even kidding. Two panels should be about four yards @ 44" wide. I would have purchased three, but that's a little pricey. What with shipping and all it's about $10/yard, but I don't care, my jones for alphabet-print fabric in perfect colorways knows no bounds.

Supposedly this is a nursery pattern, but again, see me with the not-caring. What's the downside of making a dress from this? Small children will find me strangely comforting?

There's a really lovely pink kind of cattail-ish print, as well, that would be just as nice for a grown-up girl (or retro boy) as it is for an infant.

I draw the line, though, at transforming the changing-table cover into a hat.

[Oh, and while I'm thinking about it — you might have seen my name on an article in the latest CRAFT: magazine, about turning a tablecloth into a circle skirt … many thanks to Arwen who liked the idea!]

0 thoughts on “Like Taking Window Treatments From a Baby

  1. btw, Erin also has an amazing story on language development in the current issue of Wondertime Magazine.Mary Beth


  2. Where do you get these ideas? Talk about genius! I love the cattail curtains and I actually have a Target within a half hour away. Gotta go, gotta sew. 🙂


  3. Just FYI, all that stuff is on sale at Target this week. And you can get free shipping from the website with a minimum purchase. They have some really cool prints… the one with circles is particularly fetching.


  4. Excellent!!!Not for me on many counts (not able to sew these days, not ‘allowed’ to buy any more fabric and no Target in UK) but I live vicariously through you!


  5. Curtains are great! I have a set of Ikea curtain panels waiting to be made into a summer dress. Lovely black-on-white block print, looks very Indian.


  6. Now what you should do is have a contest where you can only use shower curtains from a store like Dollar General and see who can devise the best looking frock.If any of you are any good at all, I am sure you can whip together some funky looking outfits. Why make Target any richer than they are ?


  7. Awesome, awesome, AWESOME! You’ve gone all Scarlett O’Hara on us, making a dress out of curtains! 😛 Can’t wait to see what the finished product looks like.


  8. Miss Kitty beat me to the line–Miss Scarlett, don’t you be doing that with your mama’s portieres!! Your dress will be at least as fabulous! Please post the results!


  9. Just so long as it is something fitted cos otherwise you might get mistaken for a pediatric nurse…(don’t ask me how I know this)


  10. This is very nifty fabric! The linked article about color and gender is quite interesting. Who says little girls can’t wear blue, or household objects can’t be transformed, or that we should stick to standard abstract prints? To them we say “Poooie!” and don our favorite unique attire! Hooray!


  11. …you saw it in the window and just had to have it? /Old Carol Burnett jokeBut seriously, those panels will make a wonderful dress. I think I’d like them more as a dress than curtains!


  12. It’s no suprise that numbers and letters are showing up on curtains and fabrics. Over at designsponge blog, they posted a note on this trend with neat-o pictures to boot.( their trend spotting is any indication, you can look forward to a flurry of this graphic style for awhile in the home dec arena, at least, (buy now, no telling how long this number/letter trend will last)


  13. There’s a page in the new March Lucky magazine of a “trend in the making” of typography. There’s a lovely Vena Cava dress and a very cool top that I want by a company new to me, Makool.


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