"This gives the gown a whimsical quality."

Kitty Girl Vintage Belt dress

There's a ton of nice stuff up at Kitty Girl Vintage right now but this one (as you might expect) caught my eye. That enormous belt — how perfectly surreal!

It's described as a "small/tall 36" 26" free hips (17" shoulder to waist, 39" waist to hem)" and is $366; a bit pricey, yes, but I think it's worth it.

This dress is the perfect bridge between the too-safe Little Black Dress and full-on sartorial eccentricity; training wheels for speeding away from boring eveningwear, if you will.

If money were no object (and in my dress fantasies, it never is), I'd get a rhinestone necklace made up just to go with this dress, one where the clasp was also an giant buckle, meant to be worn at about the 4 o'clock position on the neck.

Sadly, it's fairly apparent from the photo that the huge buckle is not also a capacious (and very hard to reach) pocket. That would just be too perfect …

[Click on the image to visit the listing page.]

0 thoughts on “"This gives the gown a whimsical quality."

  1. I don’t know, it looks like it could be a pocket to me – the top of the buckle is gaping like it’s open, and I don’t see a gap at the bottom.I don’t like the real belt with it – that’s just not committing to the idea 🙂 Off with the belt at the waistline!


  2. What a fabulous scroll-down!I opened the page to see only the top of the dress. Touch of whimsy you say?… Colourful geometic splodges, maybe? Dangly fluffy pompons perhaps?… Scroll down to reveal…Nope, never saw that one coming!… how beautifully surreal indeed…


  3. I thought perhaps the dress was trying to mimic a witch’s hat. A very fancy witch’s hat. I would definitely wear this on Halloween. Maybe make my shoes be the eyes. Maybe wear a hairy crinoline.


  4. What do you mean “belt”, I don’t…oh, my god! That’s pretty awesome. I agree with Leigh, the belt at the waist has to go, and I think that’s a pocket.


  5. Oh how fun! I agree about the jewelry. Something massive and encrusted with sparkly jewels would be fantastic! Very Elizabeth Taylor.On another note, I just discovered the image rollover text. It didn’t show up on my old computer. It makes your site even better!


  6. My first reaction when I saw it (without reading the text) was “why have they put a giant safe on a dress?” Then read, looked again and went, “giant belt? where? that belt at the waist looks normal to me? Oh!!”. So they should definitely get rid of the small belt, ruins the joke, really. Or I could be particularly dense today. You choose!


  7. I’ve been watching way too much CSI and Crossing Jordan, because it looks like one of those body drawer door thingees in the morgue to me.


  8. My first impression of this dress was that it was intended to look like an antique cast-iron wood stove and the rhinestone bit was the oven door handle.


  9. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen a rhinestone necklace out there, done up like the “belt” you describe, so I bet you can find one, or one of your devoted readers can.


  10. Not sure about the bigger belt around the skirt, the smaller one at the waist is adorable. The whole thing reminds me of the “Scarlett O’Hara, but…” dress that Kit and Ricky made on Project Runway that got her eliminated. Its almost there, but in the end, kind of strange, and ultimately boring.


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