For your little lost lambs who have lost their way

Pattern Rescue link

Julie sent me a link to the Pattern Rescue site, and I'm so happy she did.

Their site seems amazing; there you can, according to their home page:

Restore your damaged or incomplete vintage sewing patterns from the spare bits and pieces others have donated. Search our inventory of incomplete sewing patterns for the pieces you need. Replacement pieces are free; eligiblity restrictions apply.

Preserve a vintage sewing pattern and build Pattern Points by providing scans or copies of small pattern pieces, or by lending your pattern to duplicate larger pieces.

Recycle unwanted patterns that are not particularly collectible. Browse through the donations and pick out a few to add to your pattern stash — or send us the ones you no longer want but can't bear to throw away. Recycled patterns are free; quantity limits apply.

Trade collectible vintage patterns that you don't want for one that you'll treasure. Wander through the special collection of vintage patterns and embroidery transfers in need of a new home. Collectible patterns require a trade of Pattern Points you've earned.

Post a pattern request so we can help you find that elusive sewing or embroidery pattern you've been looking for, or for a pattern piece or two to patch up your incomplete pattern. Check the posts and see if you can help. Free service; moderated.

Have any of y'all used this service or sent patterns (I have dozens I could probably send and never, ever miss)? If not, what do you do with patterns that are missing pieces? (I swear at mine, it doesn't help to get the dress made but it does make me feel better.)

I should probably get them hooked up with the Vintage Sewing Patterns wiki, no?

0 thoughts on “For your little lost lambs who have lost their way

  1. Thanks for the link! What a great idea!It depends on what’s missing and how complex is the pattern. Usually, I either borrow it from a similar pattern or make it up based on the pieces to which it would attach. I definitely do a muslin when borrowing major parts, though. I’ve gotten to be pretty good and winging A-line or semi-circular skirts, and, unless something has very unusual piecing (like some of the 1930’s dresses), I can usually get really by tweaking a part from another pattern.


  2. Happy Abraham Lincoln’s birthday! Would you be willing to share on my blog a comment about a memory of how you used to celebrate the day as a child when you were in school?Mary Todd Lincoln was a dress fanatic too by the way….


  3. >>>>(I swear at mine, it doesn’t help to get the dress made but it does make me feel better.)That is what I do too, but now I have a box ready to send them of patterns missing this and that.


  4. Thanks so much for this link. I have several vintage patterns I can donate – way too small for me!MarieI love Texas!


  5. I posted about their service a few weeks ago on my blog after I had stumbled upon their site looking for some Hollywood pattern covers. I was given seven Hollywood patterns without the covers. They posted my request resulting in one cover being found so far. I’ve also sent them patterns for their recycling area and received three I requested. I think they have a great idea that we can all benefit from – both giving and receiving.


  6. hmmm I wonder if they could scan a 70’s pattern I have that smells like it lined the bottom of the hamster cage for awhile?It smells so bad that I don’t even want to handle it. But it is so cute that I don’t want to chuck it (not to mention I paid money for it).Have to check this out.


  7. I donated a bunch of patterns to them last year, and I just a few weeks ago I received a completed pattern from them! I also sent in a copy of a piece that was missing from a blouse pattern. So, I guess I’ve done just about everything you can do with Pattern Rescue.It’s a great resource, and the people are really friendly. Two thumbs up from me!


  8. I am an active participant of Pattern Rescue. I have donated many patterns received many recycled trade patterns. They also buy high-end patterns to sell on their sister website Pattern Palette. They are an awesome group!!!


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