Happy Valentine's Day!

bandanna rick rack dress

I admit, I am kinda a fan of Valentine's Day. (And not just because I got woken up this morning by a seven-year-old giving me a card and a heart-shaped box of See's. In my house, if you haven't completed your celebration of any particular holiday — Easter, Christmas, Arbor Day — before seven a.m., you obviously shouldn't be allowed to participate.)

I like Valentine's as an excuse to wear red, obviously, and also because I think it's a great day to just be nice to people for no reason. Pick the grumpiest-looking random person you can find, and hold a door open for them today, or pay them a compliment. You can find something to compliment ANYONE about, I promise. (I'm very much looking forward to being an cheerfully eccentric old lady and can give people pieces of candy out of my pockets without them thinking it's creepy and weird.)

If only it were warm enough to wear the above dress in Chicago today (projected high: 39) I would be all over it. You should really click on the image to see the full effect, because this photo concentrates on the glorious rick-rack to the exclusion of the equally magnificent bandanna-print ruffle at the hem. Rick-rack and bandanna: does it get any better? (Well, I don't see any pockets on this one, but otherwise …)

It's $50 at Penelope Pup's Vintage. B36/W28. I think that if there's someone who was going to send you roses today (ESPECIALLY if that someone was yourself — hey, we've all been there, and it's not a bad place to be; when you're buying your own Valentine you never give yourself scratchy cheesy underwear) you should hint to that person to send you this instead. It will last longer, and probably isn't drenched in pesticide. A win all around!

If you want to see my last-year's Valentine's Dress, please to be clicking here.

0 thoughts on “Happy Valentine's Day!

  1. I love Valentine’s Day. I swear at least four people wished me Happy Valentine’s Day before 10 a.m. Isn’t that nice?


  2. Was that all the way a year ago? I love last year’s Valentine’s Day dress. I have to admit, I am one of those horrible curmudgeons who has always hateloathedespized v-day for shoving in the face of singles that they are single. BUT, by some stroke of St. Valentine pushing me out of grumpus land, I ended up having my first date with my fella on that day. So now it’s our anniversary, and I have a whole new outlook on it. Yes, it is a good day to let people know you love them. And that includes everyone in your life that you love. (In fact, my mom has always been really good about making a point to wish me happy vday.) Getting back to the dress, my main point is that when I saw your last year’s dress, I instantly wanted to have one of the same to wear for my anniversary dress. Of course, I haven’t done that. But still. The idea is there. And if I had that pattern, by the way, I would probably re-make it endlessly in different fabrics. It does seem just about perfect.


  3. Happy V-day.How about some winter dresses? Or maybe a coat. You often say something is too light for the weather; well, what isn’t?


  4. Not a dress but I have to tell you my Valentine story. Last year our dogs had puppies. We kept one and all the rest went to good homes. Then today, in the local paper was one of our puppies! Apparently her adopted family got divorced and she is without. I already have her dad and her brother. My son has her mom. I also have a cat and a turtle. Well, I told my husband she was at the shelter…and he said let’s go get her. So we did. I even think she recognized us. They are holding her until 3:30 p.m.(we are both at work) and then she will be reunited with her canine and human family. Isn’t that a a great (puppy) love story for Valentine’s day?


  5. This year I am having a happy valentines day! Later tonight I am going to drive 60 miles to see my boyfriend and throw rocks at his window. I hope I don’t break anything. I would hold a boombox over my head too, but I don’t want to disturb the neighbors, and I can’t find one. But it will be fun and cheesy and hideously romantic!


  6. I’m soooooooooo jealous–you got Sees. We don’t have Sees up in the Northwoods. I may have to order some on line…Robyn in the Northwoods


  7. Happy Valentines! Thanks so much for featuring my dress Erin! I’ve finally come to terms with the fact that it doesn’t fit me and as much as I love just looking at it…it needs to be worn by someone fabulous!


  8. I think my comment got eaten.I like Valentine’s day, because you can let people know you care. Sure, in theory, you can do it any day, but people are less weird about a display of affection on a designated holiday, whether it be a card or candy or whatever.


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