It was Julie's Birthday, But I Got the Present …

A little bird told me that Julie (of Damn Good Vintage) had a birthday earlier this week, and I thought maybe I'd head to her site and find something delicious to post and wish her a (belated) happy day … and (of course) I ended up buying this:

McCalls 7952

It's not MY birthday until August, so this cannot be justified as a birthday present to ME. But — isn't it adorable? I love the little gathers at the yoke. And that pink is just edible … I'd use little covered buttons in a pink floral print, wouldn't you?

(I think the women on this pattern envelope are all in an art gallery, and are looking forward to going out to lunch afterwards. They will all have cake.)

Now, if you also wanted to celebrate Julie's birthday as an excuse to buy patterns, as I did, may I suggest this one?

Anne Adams 4811

Or maybe this one:

McCalls 3752

It's a B40! And it has a circle skirt! And the women on the pattern envelope are like a clone-race of fembots!

And, speaking of birthdays and excuses to go pattern-shopping, Jen at MOMSPatterns had a modem meltdown. And while LESSER women would yell and scream, Jen is offering a special sale: use the code 'friedmodem15' and save 15% off any sized order on the MOMSPatterns site all weekend and she'll ship as soon as she's back online with a broadband connection. (What's the birthday connection? Jen's birthday is tomorrow! Obviously a reason to BUY MORE PATTERNS.)

Happy birthday, everyone!

0 thoughts on “It was Julie's Birthday, But I Got the Present …

  1. Erin, I say this with love…but the bodice of your new pattern borders on a penile appearance. Please be very careful of color choices. That is all I will say. No, no. Not another word. I thought it, and I said it, and that is all. It is in your hands now.


  2. Oh for heaven’s sake! It’s much too wide for that association, I think.Wouldn’t it be cute with rick rack trim all around the yoke? I like this dress as a variation on the shirtdress theme, Erin.Jan


  3. I used to have that middle pattern (the newspaper mailer one). I discovered the hard way that I look absolutely ridiculous in winged sleeves. Absolutely. Ridiculous. I don’t recommend them to anyone who has even a hint of broad-shouldered-ness. *weeps*–Lydia


  4. i think the one you bought is adorable. and the buttons you speak of would be perfect – hope to see it made up!


  5. OMG!Penile!~snort~If I had thought of that when I listed it…cause ya’ll that know me know I would have written that in there in some way….Anywho, thank you for the belated birthday greetings Erin and the flurry of sales that freaked me out just a few min ago.You do know you are like Oprah in a way?and Jen is a nut….”friedmodem15″ is an awesome discount code. Happy Birthday Jen!


  6. Happy birthday to both of you, and Erin, I love your penile dress. It’s cute. I couldn’t do the winged sleeves either, with my linebacker shoulders, but I sure do love that pattern.


  7. Damn Damn Damn Pattern THREE is gone. *piteous crying* Damn work! I was so busy working I could nto pop in. I want to be a clone fembot!


  8. Oh I love that first one. It’s so similar to a dress that I was planning on taking the pattern off… but a pattern would be so much easier than trying to guess how it all comes together.


  9. Thanks, Erin! Thanks, Julie! Thanks, everyone!!Guess what. As a b-day gift, while I was out tonight, my hubby hooked up the new modem.I’M BAAAA-AAACK! :DKeep the savings rolling on thru Monday or so.. Erin, thanks so much!*trudges with trepidation to the inbox*Jen


  10. Lovely little collection, and what makes it for me is that I LOVE the way on 7952, pink version, the plastron scoops down and surrounds the left nipple.Did they fire the artist way back then, or did nobdy actually notice?


  11. The ladies on your dress pattern envelope are all staring in their own private version of Roman Holiday!They are crusing the art galleries and cavorting with a trio of handsome reporters. And OH YES! They shall have CAKE! 🙂


  12. Well I spent A LOT of time at Damn Good last night making a wish list for future purchases and I was shocked, SHOCKED, I tell you to find that Erin had not in fact, bought ALL OF THE SHIRTWAISTERS.hee! hee! hee! more for me!!!and the phallic stuff? um, no. I guess it looks that way if you really want it to…


  13. I have to say there was a lot of laughing from me today while I read through all the comments.I love the first dress. Totally rocks and I want one!


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