Seriously, I am cornering the market on shirtdresses

Butterick 2628

I could barely make out the line drawing on this, and the seller said she had no clue whether or not it was complete … and I bought it anyway. It's a sickness, right?

I am a sucker for these Butterick Four-Yard-Line patterns, though. I love the football reference in something marketed exclusively to women (and supposedly thrifty women at that!) but I liked the open collar with the front band and the full skirt a little more. I think this one will be fun to make.

I'm seriously considering making this shirtdress in a solid color, even. Wouldn't that be a switch? I just can't decide WHICH color. Pale blue and green are too hospitally; yellow shows too much dirt; black is too boring to sew, ditto white; red a little much for all that skirt … I'm bored with pink lately, and orange would just be insane (not that I'm against insane, usually). I don't like brown in summer, and I never wear beige (or purple) if I can help it. What am I forgetting? Ooh, maybe a deep blue?

0 thoughts on “Seriously, I am cornering the market on shirtdresses

  1. Pale lavender immediately sprang to mind. Or perhaps a paler version of black raspberry. And there are so many beautiful shades of green-blue, that I’m sure you could find something that didn’t look institutional.


  2. Myra – thanks to your psotI went to Wal Mart and got the khaki butterfly camoflauge. I am going to make a dress out of it for work. I have to work the Military Retiree Appreciation Day. I’m either go to use that or some bright green camo with black skulls from the Debi Mumm collection at JoAnns. Either way I am going to make a dress out of each.Thanks again Myra for pointing me toward that fabric.


  3. I am voting for any pastel with taupe/gray or vice versa.Or the navy/white/red accents thing.yeah, I got some preppy genes in me.@cookie, ask Janet at Lanetz Living and Jen at Mom’s patterns too. Those ladies are very resourceful when it comes to finding patterns.


  4. I dreamed about this dress last night. Apparently my subconscience wants you to do it in a blue chambray with red piping/buttons. Not something my conscience mind probably would have come up with, but I have to admit that it looked pretty cute!


  5. Just expose yourself to solid-colour fabrics, and choose the one which sings to you. Might be blood-orange, mustard, burgundy, rose, extra-dark red, navy . . .


  6. Your mention of football references in something marketed for women reminds me of baseball puns I recently saw in a Worl War II-era knitting magazine called Minerva (it’s at New York Public Library, where I work). The introduction to a series of knitted stocking patterns (in V. 63, 1941) promises: “22 Hits, No Runs, No Errors”!


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