Linktastic Tuesday, All-Pockets Edition

Simplicity 4651

The pattern above (click on the image to visit the eBay auction) is not only a great, easy dress, but it also inspired me to post some pocket links, or quasi-pocket links. (The one above is a B32, but there's also two B38s on eBay right now, too.)

Michelle (of Green Kitchen) sends this great link to Bitter Betty's site, where she posts a pocket tutorial.

This (sent by Mary Beth) isn't actually a pocket, but I think they're missing a significant use case by not including a stealth pocket in it. Considering how many women do keep things in their bras, why wouldn't you add a pocket to a bra accessory? Seems like a no-brainer to me. (Of course, I don't think I'd ever buy one of those things, as they seem uncomfortable and liable to wiggle around, but hey, I admire their problem-solving gumption.)

Also in the thing-that-should-have-pockets-but-doesn't category, Pretty Bourgeois posted a link to a dress that looks like the LL Bean Tote Bag. Too bad there's only one monogram option.

I missed the original auction for this one, sent by Ginger Lane:

Simplicity 3001

But if you click the image there's a B34, sans envelope, up on the 'bay right now. I'd rather not have the envelope — for some reason, the pictures on that pattern creep me out.

And one more pocket link, from Summerset. Seriously, this link, which explains how to put a pocket and an invisible zipper in the same seam, changed my life. Do you know how many 1950s side-zipper dresses I can put pockets in now? EVERY ONE OF THEM.

0 thoughts on “Linktastic Tuesday, All-Pockets Edition

  1. I think the girl on the pattern creeps you out because she looks like an evil extra from The Lottery. Put a rock in her hand and she’ll be good to go. I’m sure she’d put her gloves in those giant pockets first, to avoid soiling them.


  2. Oh my goodness, those Winkee things… I see the point but they really just look like the front panel of some underwear.


  3. I think it’s that the feet are too small for the skirt..or that they could be hiding small children in those pockets!About the Winkees – why buy a triangle of fabric plus “winkee dots” to attach it when you can spend the same money at any Old Navy, Target, etc and get a whole camisole or tank that is ever so much more versatile? Plus the tank wouldn’t ever slip out of alignment.


  4. Winkee – I thought it was a bra in a pair of knickers! I can see advantages, modesty being the main one, but also it means having no added extra layer of a vest (ok cami) and fewer shoulder straps. Not sure about the dots though…Pockets in everything. Absoblinkinlutely.Cheers,AJ


  5. Thank you, Erin! I’ve been waiting with bated breath for a pocket link extravaganza! I can rest easy knowing the knowledge has been mined and gathered for all of my near future pocket endeavors! Thanks again!


  6. I think the big pockets on pattern 2 could hold a medium sized embroidery hoop, or a fire extinguisher. But really, with pockets that deep, wouldn’t it be awkward fishing for things, such as change for the subway? (I am compassionate, though, and am working on some “support song” lyrics: Bless the beasts and the pockets, for in this world they have no voice…)


  7. I think the winkies are a fantastic idea. of course, rather than buying them I’ll make one or two, and use tiny snaps. what is up with the winkie-dot, that seems overly complicated.


  8. Whew. It’s a shame that the only monogram available on that dress is ‘BBW.’ I know it’s for ‘Built By Wendy,’ but it’s also a very well-known anagram for ‘Big Beautiful Woman.’It’s rather like if she’d anagrammed it “WTF,” “BJ,” or “UFIA.” Unfortunate marring of a cute dress.


  9. Robots yesterday, a Creepy Doll today… tomorrow had better be a Half-pony Half-monkey Monster to please us!


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