Crowdsourcing Color Choices

Remember this pattern?

newspaper 4829

Well, I had a couple spare hours last night (Sure, I was sorry that my husband and son were stuck in traffic, but I wasn't going to let that stop me from SEWING with that found time) and decided to give it a shot:

newspaper 4829 fan cotton

And this is as far as I got. Which is pretty far, except that I need to buy bias trim for the edging, and I'm undecided as to which color it should be.

Colors I have ruled out: red, black, brown, gray, green, and (gasp) orange.

Colors I'm still thinking about: mustardy yellow, turquoise, blue, pink.

I'm looking for a kind of Palm-Beach, Lilly Pulitzer vibe from this dress. What do y'all think?

Here's a better look at the belt part:

newspaper 4829 fan cotton

I haven't done the buttonholes or the buttons, obviously, because I want them to match the binding. I zigzagged a facing to the wrong side, to stiffen it a bit and keep the edges from fraying too much.

And the neck:

newspaper 4829 fan cotton

Anyway, as you can see, the dress is pretty "eh" without the bias edging. It did sew up really quickly, though, which was nice. The skirt will definitely flap as you walk, showing the wrong side (which on this fabric is nearly white) so I'm almost convinced that I should line the thing, which would then (bonus!) make it reversible. I might have enough turquoise cotton to do that, and then instead of bias binding I could do rick-rack in the seam …

I still have NO IDEA where the pockets will go. I think they will have to be patch pockets applied after the bias binding, so I can get the spacing right.

Ideas? Comments?

0 thoughts on “Crowdsourcing Color Choices

  1. On the subject of making this dree reversible. I’m still a novice at sewing, but I would love to make a few of the dresses I’m working on reversible, but how do you create a reversible closure for a dress? Would it only work with buttons, and reversible zips or is there any other way?Thanks, Kristin


  2. My vote is for mustardy yellow all the way. Thanks to the person who did the photoshop thingy… I am not a good visualizer.


  3. And again a pattern I remember, did this up for someone but tunic length in blue flower on white with blue binding and blue pants to match. Love your take on it, think self binding would look best. Kristina K.


  4. As if you needed a 110th comment days later…To my mind, there is only one choice… a very strong PEACH. It would match the personality of the dress, and give it just the right “pop”. I envision it being no more than 1/4 inch wide.


  5. I’m thinking pink and I’m thinking that you should channel the scalloped edges of the fan with or a twist in the bias. I wonder if you could do without pockets just this once, or go for the kind of pockets they put in Tilley endurables so you don’t get pick-pocketed. Hang it from the inside of the belt or something. Or buy a new purse! But not something fan shaped. Then you will look like one of those horrid “they forced me to make a hat” victims from the Threads magazine designer challenge.


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