Lead Me Not Into Temptation (I Already Have Temptation-Enabled GPS)

I knew this would happen. I asked y'all to make a list of your favorite fabric stores online — how could I think that I wouldn't do a little browsing? And that a little browsing wouldn't naturally lead to an "OMG! I MUST HAVE THAT!" moment?

Which is what happened to me with this, from Waechter's:

Fine Cotton Lycra Stretch Blend Ecru with Dark Green, Teal and Black Geometric Print

Isn't it FANTASTIC? It's a bit pricey, but I don't mind pricey when it's something that's this perfect (and it's cheaper than Liberty!). I'm not quite sure what I'll do with it yet, but I'm sure I'll figure out something. At the very least, it would make a brilliant circle skirt …

0 thoughts on “Lead Me Not Into Temptation (I Already Have Temptation-Enabled GPS)

  1. Waechter’s! Wow, it’s right down the street from me in Asheville! Great fabrics, classes, etc! (I couldn’t get there online with your link…) Love the fabric, and your site!


  2. Thanks to who sent you the link to Waechters! What a great site. That you can go an look at completed garments in the gallery is nice.


  3. OMG, I think I have died and gone to a very happy place with all those fabric stores listed, just in time for the emails that say “What do you want for Christmas?” Umm, 5 yards each of about a thousand different things! It’s a sewer’s dream come true!(And thanks to the person who posted the link there for Gorgeous Fabrics: I have been looking for cool knit prints to make into a maternity dress, and I’ve found bunches there that will look AMAZING in large quantities! You rock! I might have to make dresses for pregnant friends to justify all the amazing fabrics that I want to buy.)


  4. Erin, you are so funny!!! I couldn’t use the link either but when my mouse ran over the “fabric” a little blurb came on that said “come to mama!” Made me laugh and when I clicked I got to the web site. Not being a “print” person, I have to admire to the utmost the prints that you choose. Please, please let us see what you make from this.


  5. Okay. That was a fast jab at the pocketbook! I have been looking locally for a nice wool plaid for a new jumper (UK folks: sleeveless winter overdress), and I found something pretty at FabricMart and on sale, too! Thank you for posting the link, Erin.Liz


  6. I grew up in Asheville and spent many hours in Waecter’s! My mother does French hand sewing and would go there for the finest cotton batist. I loved that store. I love your website!


  7. Ok for Colorado the best stores are (not in any particular order) Denver Fabrics one of the last big independent stores. D’Leas Fabric and Button Studio. Allyns Fabric and Bridal in Denver. This place is like going “designer” fabric like Calvin Klein, just beautiful stuff and the place is so packed you better bring time and some energy to go through all the bolts. Kind of over packed. A bolt fell on top of me on one visit. But very helpful sales people. And in Boulder the great Elfreide’s. She is one of the few to have Liberty in stock. Not tons but she does have it. And beautiful brocades and velvets and buttons. So, if ever in Colorado do stop by!jilly


  8. I have that fabric!!! I used it to make window treatments for our kitchen! I do agree that it would make a very cute skirt or dress.


  9. Erin,did you see this wonky rick-rack?HA!I also got a kick out of the link called “Adult Gallery.” I clicked with a bit of trepidation…but click, I did!Love this site. The silk charmeuse large florals are about to break my resolve.


  10. I could write a book about Waechter’s Silk Shop. I bought my first “serious” piece of fabric there in the 70s – a piece of navy Pendleton flannel. Back in those days the store was located downtown on Wall Street, in a deep, narrow building that had the feeling of a cave. You could buy everything from Irish linen toweling to luxury coating fabrics.They were forced to move in the 80s when that area was “revitalized.” The store is now located just north of downtown, in a great old building. The button selection is the best I know of in this area, and they have really expanded their trims and ribbons in the last few years. And then there are the Liberty cottons!The store has samples made up, which are fun to browse through. I could spend hours there!


  11. This is a print of the quilt pattern known as Snail Trail. I have a magazine clipping from the 70’s showing a skirt made from the quilted pattern. Loved it then and love it now!


  12. That fabric is just great , I sure could do with a piece of that to make a dress out of. The pattern is splendid and the coulours work a treat, I can picture walking down the street with that on. It sure is an eye opener !


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