Holiday Shopping CONTINUES …

Jill (Old & Beautiful Vintage [not the Purse Diva, sorry Jill & Holly!] at the Main Street Mall online) sent me three links that tell a little story … there's this gorgeous Winter Wonderland dress:

ebay item 8305987417

And this mink-collared coat:

cream and mink coat

And this alligator purse:

alligator purse

At first I thought they were all worn by the same woman, but the dress is much smaller (and doesn't really go with the purse). But eventually I figured out that the coat and purse are worn by the mother of the girl in the dress! (Am I right? She's a debutante, her mom's a society lady? Together, they fight crime?) There is a whole movie in this collection of items … and a couple of really, really fancy presents!

0 thoughts on “Holiday Shopping CONTINUES …

  1. Wow, that coat is gorgeous. If I didn’t already have about 20 of them, including some similar ’50s extravaganzas, I’d snap it up.


  2. Ok, do you guys think the citizens of Chicago would be judgy judgersons about a girl walking around in a mink-trimmed coat? I’m in love with it, but I don’t want to be doused in red paint.


  3. Hey Erin,I am in love with that dress. So much so that I have been searching the internet for the past two hours… looking for what? Oh, a vintage wedding dress. Originally I thought I would want to make it myself, but…. I love vintage. The lace, the beading, the fantastic detail and originality… Want. Want really hard. Do you know of any internet places that specialize in vintage wedding gowns similar to the dress you had in your post (aka not the puffy sleeved 80’s style)? I am totally coming up short.Thanks, Erin. You’re the bestest!Megan


  4. Love the dress, it would be mine in a NY minute if it would fit – similar coat pattern in Butterick – fur collars and cuffs at local thrift stores (why should anyone dump paint on us for recycling? just don’t understand people sometimes) – and WHOOPEE!! I actually have that purse! Am I in fashion or what? Also have some lovely Christmas hankies freshly washed and ironed and frequently exposed (to clean my glasses not my nose, but they work for that in a pinch!)Tip: if you find hankies and actually use them (as I do) don’t iron in folds. It develops wear lines in them and makes them weaker. Iron flat and store that way, fold it when you put it in your purse. I liked the 50/60’s the first time through!


  5. Can we make a new rule? If it’s been dead for a number of decades (as in fur pelts I mean) can we please just wear it guilt free without fear of prosecution. As for minks, how many do you want? Do you know they raise them on farms and they multiply like….minks! They also raise chickens, cattle, geese, rabbits, etc, etc, etc by the multitudes and we EAT those! God forbid. Terrific coat by the way!


  6. I really like that mink-trimmed coat too–it’s given me already-bubbling ideas for using the fabulous faux fur ‘fabric’ I have been hoarding. Same for red suit with fur trim. Lately it has actually been cold enough for any kind of fur here on the Central Coast of CA. (Maybe living in Santa Cruz has discourage me from sewing up my fur…) Thanks, Anon. for the tip on not ironing hankies in folds. I LOVE vintage hankies.


  7. Anonymous, I feel the same way you do. If it’s old enough to have died of old age, I will wear a vintage fur (except cat of any kind, because they’re family). I wear shearling, I wear leather, I eat meat. Everything and everyone dies. My concern is that animals not be abused or mistreated, and that they be killed humanely. Humans being what they are, if they hadn’t developed the ability to farm cattle, sheep, minks, etc., cattle, sheep, minks, etc., would have been hunted to extinction long before this. And a side-note: It’s generally not the 6’11” black basketball star in a fur coat who’s splashed with paint. No, it’s the five-foot tall woman, or the little old lady. Let me be the FIRST to say that anyone who assaults me for wearing an elderly mink stole, or my superannuated fur cuffs, will not enjoy my response. I have a LOT of anger and frustration to work out, and would doubtless welcome the encounter more than he or she would.Megan, I don’t have the URLS offhand, but ABSOLUTELY there are sites devoted to vintage wedding dresses! Keep googling. What’s your approximate size through the very small/very large spectrum? Do you have a particular era in mind?


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