More Holiday Shopping!

More holiday shopping …

Rita at Cemetarian suggests these wonderful things …

I love this old dress ad — an inexpensive frame from the craft store and you have a fun present:

Party Time Ad

This vintage knitting book would make a great gift for, well, knitters. If you're feeling flush, included the recommended amount of yarn …

New Look 6034

I *really* want the guy's sweater in this booklet, shown here (but not enough to learn how to knit, sadly):

New Look 6034

And if you still need a dramatic holiday dress, I bet you could get this in time … I would make it in tartan, myself. (Because, yes, I *enjoy* looking like a sofa …)

New Look 6034

Rita is offering 10% off with the code adad

AND: Kathleen at Little Hunting Creek is offering a free handmade baggage tag (and they are CUTE) with every purchase over $25. And if you buy three or more patterns, you still get free shipping! (Put "Dressaday" in the comments.)

0 thoughts on “More Holiday Shopping!

  1. The old dress ad is adorable….and romantic. Sigh. Give a me a full-skirted 50s dress, a pair of white gloves and stilettos now.


  2. I love the sleeves on the tartan dress.And I have 2 replicas of early 1900s Vogue pattern fronts matted and framed. They are very interesting hanging on the wall!


  3. One of my favorite party dresses when I was a girl was a hand-me-down with a black velveteen bodice and a plaid taffeta skirt. I felt so scrumptious in that dress! I was a lucky girl, as I loved the dresses that were passed on to me within a small group of families.


  4. I started Knitting when I was about 7 years old, it’s still easier for me to knit than sew. AND, if you knit in the round, all you ever need to do is the knit stitch and you are good to go! Tru


  5. Anybody know where to buy inexpensive, tartan-like fabric? I have a dress in my head, and a pattern in my hand, but no plaids available that aren’t taffeta or flannel. Aaarrrghhh! (a la Charlie Brown)


  6. I wore a blue moire knee-length Laura Ashley version of the New Look pattern for formal parties in the early 1990s. We thought we were so sophisticated! Thanks, as always, for these wonderful fashion memories.


  7. You feel like a sofa when you wear a tartan plaid? To me plaid furnishings look like a sofa wearing a kilt, and what a goofy thing that is (ditto a hundred times over for tartan walls)This reminds me that in 1971 as a maid-of-honor my dress had a bluegreen tartan taffeta skirt–imagine a Gunne Sax dress, with a plaid bottom: hummmm)


  8. What a great ad, love the dresses. I agree with Linda, though, the women in knits are definitely fembots! But I liked it so well, I bought the book! I’ll be knitting and sewing through a cold Detroit winter! Thanks, Erin, I love this site, it is an addiction. (But a healthy one)


  9. The fembots in the knitted suits are gorgeous. I can’t help but wonder what they’d look like in a 2008 holidaywear advertisement. How would they wear their hair if they didn’t have helmets? Makeup? Outfits?


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