Thank you!

Thank you!

Remember the 2008 charity drive? Doesn't it seem a million years ago? It ended January 6, and according to the widget, we raised $1250 for Books Through Bars! Which is fantastic, given how completely horrible the economic news has been …

And I did promise that I would name a character in my forthcoming novel, The Secret Lives of Dresses (due out from Grand Central AND Hodder in 2010! And in Dutch and German sometime after that!) after one of the generous donors, and … the winner is … Maureen Boyle!

This character, as far as I know now, sports a Bettie Page haircut, fixes motorcycles, knits, and is studying HVAC. (All this is subject to change before publication.)

If you'd like to know my randomizing methodology, it's this — I dumped all the email addresses into an Excel file, assigned them all random numbers using Excel's RAND function, and then sorted on that number. Maureen came out on top!

I want to thank all of you who contributed to this year's fundraiser … the money we raised will go towards books for women prisoners in particular.

If you want to be more involved with books for prisoners, Books Through Bars has set up this cool interactive map of programs in the US!

0 thoughts on “Thank you!

  1. How awesome is that photo? This charity is amazing. They sent me a handwritten card to thank me for donations which was absolutely not a form letter. I want to, once again, thank the folks who purchased items from me in order to give more to the charity. Looking forward to “meeting” Maureen! I’m so excited to read your book.


  2. YAY! And Maureen is such a cool ‘retro’ kinda name.. PERFECT!Congratulations on your helping us get motivated to contribute to such a cool cause, too 🙂


  3. This post has perfect timing — I recently cleaned my bookshelves and would LOVE to send them to BtB. Also, Erin — book tour! 😀


  4. Nice to read your book in Dutch in the future but we all speak English so don’t make a point of it.I wonder why BtB is not a charity member on Bookmooch! Tell them to contact BM so they can choose the books they want! That way people all over the world can donate points to them. Have a look at


  5. Oh Wow! Maureen Boyle is a proper, solid grown-up name! – a name you can trust. Can’t wait to see what you concoct, Erin, but please, please can there be tweed and good stout shoes? And preferably a bicycle – with a Gladstone bag slung over the handlebars?


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