Whoa … is it … could it be … Linktastic Monday?

A quick one,just to get you started on the week!

Help the Etsy crew send Valentines to the Citymeals-on-Wheels!

Kathleen points us to a giant knitted bus!

Jen at MOMsPatterns has found the oldest fauxlero yet, we think — from the 1930s! (Oh, and while you're there, Jen is running a sale: use code 'greenbelt20' to save 20% off of any order at MOMSPatterns until Friday, January 30, 2009. All sale patterns are down to $2 until the end of the month as well; coupon is good on ANYTHING!)

Libby sent this fabric-shopping site — the fabrics are the ones we know and love (Michael Miller, Alexander Henry, etc.) but you HAVE to check out their illustrations! So clever!

I was interviewed HERE. Learn all about my secret double life, my mysterious past, and my plans for world domination. Or, you know, about this blog that you're reading right now.

Birgit sent me a link to a lovely companion in the "A Day" blog world: Robot A Day.

I love this "Lucy" dress that Cemetarian has up right now. But I love that orange plaid fabric in the illustration even more.

0 thoughts on “Whoa … is it … could it be … Linktastic Monday?

  1. I love the oldest Fauxlero! I wish it was my size! Drat. Can’t opne the interveiw or the Lucy dress. I’ll try at home


  2. I love the aged fauxlero, too! I can see the black and white version in satin, on Irene Mayer Selznick as she hosts some soiree attended by Robert Taylor, Connie Bennet, etc. Gorgeous.


  3. The giant bus cozy really made me laugh inwardly… it’s true… us knitters and crocheters really *DO* seem to need to cover everything withing reach in fiber. x3 But it really is creative and quirky… A new, temporary, non-harming (is that even a word, Erin? ) version of graffiti. I love it. 😀


  4. Love the old fauxlero! The illustration looks like the ones from one of my favorite books, Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day. If I had that fauxlero, I could Live for a Day too.


  5. Thanks for the link to the fabric site, it’s hard to only buy vintage fabric, if I can find some new vintage inspired they are going in the new sewing room (as soon as I get it done!)


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