Is it Friday already?

ebay item 8305987417

It's been a busy week, and I'm unclear as to which day of it we have attained. But my sources say it's Friday, which means that Wendy of Pattern Stash is having a sale today, Saturday & Sunday. She'll be offering a 15% discount in place of the usual 10%. Use the code Voguesale.

At Pattern Stash, shipping is just a flat $2.50 for all your patterns, no matter how many patterns you purchase (in the US only, sorry)!

And at her new shop all the patterns are new and uncut, and shipping is free.

That's her pattern there, that really 1960s bridal gown. I love that skirt and the short sleeves; not so sure about the chokey collars on the attendants' dresses.

Also, xstpenguin sent the embroidered logo for the Air Hostess Corps, from Urban Threads:

airship logo

So. Awesome, yes?

0 thoughts on “Is it Friday already?

  1. I love the pattern, it reminds me of the wedding in Irma La Douce, although only for the era, because those costumes were out of control- headpieces! Not to mention the actual event. The only thing that disturbs me about this illustration is that the bride and her maids look to be no older than 16…


  2. I don’t suppose xstpenguin would be interested in embroidering some Air Hostess Corps patches and selling them on Etsy? because I would totally buy one for myself (and probably one for anthrokeight), but I don’t have the kind of machine that does embroidery.


  3. @AllieDon’t be silly! The bride is OBVIOUSLY 17 with 15 year old bridesmaids! *laugh*I know what you mean, though. The pattern illustration reminds me of when girls (and I mean girls) still got married two weeks after graduating from high school.


  4. The bride in the illustration is doing an admirable job of staying calm, considering that she’s obviously just broken her wrist. I think her smile is actually a rictus grin of pain and she’s just trying to keep from screaming.


  5. Sorry folks, ain’t got an embroidery machine! You buy the download at (just a happy customer, no connection) and one of you must have the right machinery to do this!!??Me, I stick to hand embroidery and nothing quite that complex so far!Cheers,AJ


  6. WHAT is with the drag queens pictured on the patterns this week? Am I the only one who sees it? The figure in the green dress is the SAME redheaded MAN as in the blue striped dress from yesterday. CAN’T ANYONE ELSE SEE IT??? The BRIDESMAID in the green dress is A MAN!! (Not that there’s anything wrong with that, of course.)


  7. I agree- definitely a man. Who knew the pattern company were so progressive!Cookie – i searched for hours last night and could not find you pattern on line.(Nothing good on tV and I wasn’t feelingup to sewing a zipper in my recent project.) I always check for patterns when I am in thrift stores…it will turn up.


  8. I am wondering if that bridesmaid is the mostly grownup Buffy from Family Affair. If that poor girl doesn’t ditch that hair style, she’ll age into Baby Jane.


  9. Thank you for backing me up on this, Sarah and Theresa…and for looking for my pattern, T 🙂 It IS all QUITE progressive! Maybe that high, chokey collar is to help hide an adam’s apple? And why does the brunette on the far right have mothballs in her hair? Did she just take that wig out of storage?


  10. I was thinking red haired girl had awfully long arms, but now that we know she is the bride’s brother it all makes perfect sense.


  11. OMG! That is the pattern my (ex) sister-in-law used for her wedding dress in 1972. And yes, I was one of the “young” bridesmaids. My dress was a sky blue synthetic crepe, which I made and my mother fine-tuned. She was not happy about the wedding, but then she wasn’t happy about much. I must have been 14.


  12. I think I actually love the chokey collars… they’re so 60’s!I’d be more concerend about the legs of the attendants. They’re really what’s sometimes referred to as “possible to break between two fingers” in Czech! I think observing these walking would be a lot like observing an extraterrestial walking… maybe they’re extraterrestials? (And take this as a really unusual comment from me. I don’t belong to those people with an extraterrestial conspiracy theory. At. All.)


  13. Anonymous, I believe there ARE height/weight restrictions for the Air Hostess Corp.:At least tall enough to reach the floor; andAt least heavy enough not to blow off the ground in a 10-mile-per-hour wind.Applicants may request to have the restrictions waived.


  14. the man bridesmaid i believe, came straight out of seven brides for seven brothers, obviously he didn’t understand that he was supposed to get a bride, not be a bride(maid). Anyways his legs are awfully skinny.I do long to be an air hostess/-indigo


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