Not Exactly The Meeting at Yalta, But Close

McCalls 3145

So, Jen of MOMSPatterns is taking a trip from sunny Florida (VERY SUNNY, as she KEEPS REMINDING ME) to Indianapolis (STILL WARMER THAN CHICAGO) to meet up with Lisa of The Vintage Fashion Library & Miss Helene's Vintage Sewing Shoppe! This meeting of Sewing Pattern Divas is being celebrated by a sale at their sites. They're using coupon code 'watchoutworld' and you will save 15% off your orders starting right now, and it can be used through NEXT weekend. (Lisa can't do coupons up front at Miss Helene's, so just put the coupon code in your paypal payment, and you'll receive your 15% back as a refund.) Sale ends Midnight EST on Sunday, March 15, 2009. Also, Jen's poor hubby will be handling her orders and is running away for the weekend, so orders from MOMSPatterns will be processed Friday night, then not again until Monday afternoon.

Also: GREAT NEWS! The Antique Dollhouse of Patterns is OPEN AGAIN! Yay, Penny! I'm glad your site is back up!

PS: Lisa: have you told Jen she's going to need one of these?

Simplicity 4191


0 thoughts on “Not Exactly The Meeting at Yalta, But Close

  1. WHAT? No flip flops up there? *panics*What is this big heavy monstrosity of fabric that you speak of wearing over one’s fabulous outfit? Doesn’t that spoil the view?Thank you, Erin! Whew, gotta go sit outside and get some color on my cheeks before I go..


  2. I tried to tell her, but she’s packed enough for three people, so if she leaves anything out, it’s her fault!Thanks, Erin!


  3. yes, it IS quite nice in Indianapolis today! It’s supposed to be even warmer tomorrow. This spring-like weather is just perfect for wearing the new mother-daughter blouses that I just finished this week…


  4. So when did Grace Kelly and Kay Kendall sit for that pattern painting, hmm? Were they ever in a film together, probably not.Erin that wonderful coat definition – there are news bulletins explaining that fact on TV over here, round about party season. The local lolitas don’t want to ruin their outfits (read skank wear) by covering them up!?Happy watchoutworld girls!Cheers,AJ


  5. You find the most amazing stuff! I love reading your blog :)I’ve nominated you for an award on my blog! Check it out to pick it up!


  6. Well, Jen better pack a coat since neither she or Lisa can sew. So that charming pattern will do them no good. ;-)But enough sparks should fly to keep them both warm! Have a blast ladies,Tina


  7. I made this exact pattern (not the cuffs) when I was a 17 year old in royal blue wool with a long bow hanging from the back mid shoulder level and thought I looked just like Grace Kelly!!


  8. Erin…might you please refrain from posting patterns in size 16? I am afraid I just ordered that 2-piece dress! THINK of the possibilities, with vintage conversation-print skirt and a solid top picking out one of it’s colors? MANY THANKS (from The Poor House) xoxo


  9. I WAS SO SCARED FOR A SEC! I got a refund from Miss Helene, and thought maybe the pattern had been sold. Fear gripped my little heart as I opened the email, but lo and behold it was only my 15% discount refund. PRAISE! The Lord is good (today)


  10. Yep! My Miss Helene’s store can’t do the coupon codes up front, alas, but I’m always happy to do a refund equal to the coupon code discount. Or, if anyone wants to purchase from Miss Helene’s AND the Vintage Fashion Library site, I can set it up as one purchase through the VFL site, and you can use your credit card, too! I’m nothing if not flexible. Mama’s got college tuition to pay.


  11. hAVE fun Jen and Lisa… we should be flies on the wall! Make sure you send a report back… and my Antique Doll House of Patterns Site is now alive and well… only Paypal currently. and same as what Lisa was saying, about the coupon codes, still learning about it on my site, but will give a discount refund next week through paypal.. and while listing found that bridal pattern someone was searching for a while back. vogue 1325 with the button sheer back and big bow at the waist etc.. Looks the same and have all sizes.. Have a great voyage ladies.. Cannot wait to hear from you two upon your return. Penny


  12. Has anyone had experience (good or bad) with the “Uniquely You” dress form? I’d love to hear what other sewers have to say before I take the plunge and buy one. Thanks!


  13. Woops, clicked publish before I finished. I have a duct tape dummy, my exact measurements, for about 10! Bargain! The only thing is that you need a willing assistant and some spare time. But apart from that, it was easy to do. I stuffed it with a couple of old pillows that was otherwise going in the bin. Hope this helps.


  14. Blogger Jo said…”…with a long bow hanging from the back mid shoulder level…”Was the bow your addition? Did you make it of the same fabric or something else?This is a really great look, I’ve always liked the swing coat.


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