This Week's Pattern Story

Butterick 4050

WANTED: for racketeering, aggravated assault, shoplifting, and littering (gum):

FEMALE, blond, 5'3", approximately fifteen years old. Last seen in gray long-sleeved dress with black handbag.

FEMALE, brunette, 5'4", approximately fourteen years old. Last seen in maroon and pink short-sleeved dress. No bag.


Suspects are wanted for questioning in connection with a robbery and assault in Weinberg's Drug Store on Tuesday, April 14. Taken were multiple lipsticks and powder compacts, several hairbands, and an unknown quantity of chewing gum. Suspects tripped the store proprietor when he gave chase and doused him with a combination of flour and orange soda. Suspects may have one or more unknown accomplices, given the amount of gum missing.

$5 Reward for information leading to the arrest and grounding of suspects.

(Thanks to Janet at Lanetz Living for the image!)

0 thoughts on “This Week's Pattern Story

  1. The blonde reminds me of Naughty Nan, who came to Plumfield in Little Men and immediately wreaked havoc all OVER the place. Obviously, the crime spree was her idea. Brunette’s not a bad kid, just impressionable. And her mother’s been ill for a long time.But I think it was these same two girls who went on to found the International Sewing Conspiracy later, when they got fed up with a semester of routine Home Ec assignments. And for that, we must give them credit.


  2. new information in the crime spree of two teens this morning: bottomless pockets! the girls in question it seems have created the bottomless pockets in an attempt to carry more chewing gum than should be humanly possible, no news yet on whether the girls will share their secret with the public; more at 11.


  3. You’d think someone who wanted pockets in order to slip in a few lipsticks and packs of gum would have placed them a little more convieniently. How is one supposed to gracefully slip a compact into a shoulder pocket without looking like a contortionist?


  4. The shoulder pocket might be merely a distraction…see how it’s sewn on at a hypnotic angle? Who knows how these criminal minds work! Also, that might be where the hankie of flour is kept, to pull out with your teeth and blow at a pursuer when your hands are full of loot.


  5. blonde has had previous offenses, but has never been caught. Theorists believe that she head a crime ring that has been terrorizing Walgreens and selling Bubbilicious on the black market.-indigo


  6. After careful consideration, I’ve concluded the (unlined) breast pocket is but an entryway/chute, leading to a hollowed-out brassiere. The girls pretend to try on a lipstick shade at a targeted drugstore counter, then drop the lipstick into the pocket when unobserved. From there it rattles down into the bra, where it remains concealed.


  7. And they look as if butter wouldn’t melt…?Cookie I had to laugh ‘who knows how these criminal minds work’ comment – and yet you’ve suggested the most ingenious things?! Love it!


  8. The pocket on the skirt is clearly one pocket over another, like a false-bottomed trunk. So if they search your pocket, they can’t figure out where all the loot went.Wearing Marian Martin 9359 today, which is more housedressy but about the same vintage. I’m finding the late 1940’s-early 1950’s is a favorite era of mine, dress-wise.


  9. Latter-Day Flapper: Oh, same here! Given my druthers, I’d pick patterns from 1947/8-1952; I love the classic New Look patterns, and get SO FRUSTRATED over all the lovely ones available for the 32″ bust. I might have had a 32″ bust in grammar school. Early in grammar school.


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