The Dress I am Wearing RIGHT NOW, Pt. 2

Is this one:

stripe dress

It's from fabric I bought very recently from FashionFabricsClub, and it's the same pattern (Vogue 9670) as Tuesday's dress. (I wore yet ANOTHER version yesterday, but I didn't have time to post about it!)

I didn't do anything fancy with this neck facing except cut it with the stripes running the other way; it's so lightweight that I didn't want to fuss with it. Not that you can really see it in this picture:

blue deco dress

And the back, which I'm afraid doesn't match from the bodice to the skirt AT ALL, whoops:

blue deco dress

The stripes on the front matched more-or-less accidentally, but then I didn't have enough fabric to recut the back skirt to make them match on the back. Next time I'll know how to do it, it's simultaneously easier (to get the fabric cut right) and trickier (to get the pleats to match right) than I thought. It was complicated by the fact that I've adjusted this pattern to be about an inch bigger all around at the waist, which means I always have to re-jigger the pleats, anyway.

The zipper is a bit nicer on this version:

blue deco dress

I hadn't sewn up the hem yet when I took these photos so you can see it in the pictures — it's gray bias tape and hem tape.

My only uncertainty about this dress is just HOW much it's going to wrinkle today. It is pretty lightweight shirting cotton, after all … but it's also really nice and cool and feels great!

0 thoughts on “The Dress I am Wearing RIGHT NOW, Pt. 2

  1. This looks so wonderfully comfortable. You did a great job matching the front, pleats make it so annoying to calculate. So, I generally do a little wrap belt to avoid that whole issue. This is really nice!


  2. Great posts, Erin, I love seeing your creations ! Will you please let us know what fabric you use? I’m assuming this and yesterday’s are cotton (my favorite), but not sure. Thanks again for your wonderful website!Donna


  3. I’m not sure I’ve commented here before…I had a shirtwaist dress made out of almost this same stripe, but that was back in 1970 or there “abouts”. I liked it then, and I still like it.Looks like you did a good job. :)Sue


  4. Well, a nice wide belt at the waist hides all the stripe mismatches, doesn’t it? The general style of this dress is really flattering! And, of course, we all know that vertical stripes are slimming, so who wouldn’t love this one?


  5. I have been silently reading your blog for about a month now, and I have to say I am jealous of all you cute dresses. I would love to find great patterns like these and make a bunch of dresses, but I have no experience at all. Do you think that I can figure it out on my own? I also got a little depressed with the pattern sizes my waist seems much bigger than what they have and then I have no real hips. Any advice for me?


  6. At first I wasn’t so sure about this dress, but after returning and relooking it looks strangely comfortable. Very smart pattern. Wasn’t sure what type of shoe would look best with a dress of this sort. Great workmanship.Callie


  7. I actually like the way you’ve arranged the stripes on the back skirt. I think if you had that broad black stripe running full length down the back it would draw too much attention to itself.


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