Happy Birthday, Lucite Box!

Lucite Box Sale

Lucite Box Vintage is one year old and is having a birthday sale! Holly says:

To mark the first birthday of Lucitebox, I'm having a major site wide sale that runs for the next ten days. Turning one is fun, so come and celebrate by checking out our vintage fashions–all of them are on sale now through June 19th.

New items will be added throughout the duration of the sale, so drop by frequently to see what's new. Thank you so much for your support and patronage. I really appreciate it!

And, just so you know — Holly helped me with my Closet Cleanout 2009 project, in which I am releasing a lot of vintage back into the wild, instead of letting the poor dresses languish in my closet (or worse, in rubbermaid bins) all lonely-like. So (full disclosure) a few of the dresses in her sale are consigned from me.

Oh, and while I have your attention, a big project I've been working on opened up on Monday — a project to find and describe all the words of English! You can check it out at wordnik.com. (It's still in early beta, but we hope you get what we're working towards!)

18 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Lucite Box!

  1. Oh, wow, two of my obsessions in one handy post! Will check out the wonderful Lucite Boxs sale, and will definitely contribute to wordnik! (you may be sorry you asked . . . !)


  2. Thank you, Erin! And, thanks so much for the consignments. Theyre just wonderful. I cant decide which I like most, but I do love the exploded houndstooth check dress:http://www.lucitebox.com/item.php?tab=Dressesitem_ID=102Cookie! What a sickening situation. Im pleased to learn that you survived the carnage and are now perched in what sounds like an amazing nest. (I plan to use home cheapo every time I refer to that store.) You will most commonly hear me say, And then, I dont know what happened, but I got lost inside Home Cheapo again!) I seem to get lost in there quite easily. Those tools and…things…they all have a sameness thats beyond comprehension.Cookie, will you email me through my site? I want to talk to you and would need to have your email address to do that. Thanks.HollyHolly


  3. Groovy! Shall email you 🙂 Yes, the West Hollywood situation is a BIT better now, thanks to a lot of residents putting in about 5 years of pressure…but we still arent caring for our landmarks (and more importantly, our POTENTIAL landmarks) as we should. We have so many charming, middle class buildings here that were perhaps not the very FINEST, most EXPENSIVE architecture, but were nevertheless directly influenced by the higher-end stuff, and still convey not only Hollywoods earlier age, but the COMPLETE continuum of the local design trends (such as courtyard housing.) And what I have learned through this is that for a collection to be truly complete, it should represent all levels of a subject…including the missing links. Its like, future generations would get a very skewed perception of the film industry if the only films that were preserved were the Best Picture winners. That would just be scraping the surface of what we enjoyed, and what was produced.Thanks for reading the article at Preservation Nation!


  4. Cookie, you are not only a grand queen, youre a grand writer. The National Trust for Historic Preservation has hit the jackpot with you!More power to you as you fight the philistines in West Hollywood.


  5. Thank you, little friends! All the City Hall loyalists (ie, residents with their hands out, or grubby political aspirations) hate me, so now we have to strap ourselves in for the backlash. Eeeeee!


  6. What a super cute blog…..loved reading through it. The blog world is so new to me…Hope you will stop by for a visit. I am posting on our Disney trip now and then on to a new grandson in two weeks..


  7. Thanks, Theresa. Well do some picketing at an endangered building site, or something, when youre here. Or maybe just pass out cookies.


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