Where to Draw the Line

Sassy Stripes Dress

SewStylish is having a Spring Sewing Contest, and GertieT emailed me to let me know that her adorable dress has made the finals (it's there up above). Go check out the other two dresses, too, and vote! Voting closes TONIGHT (the 16th) at midnight.

She also wanted to let me know that several of the less-courteous commenters had said things like "Your tattoos are disqusting [sic]……I wouldn't vote for your dress even if I liked it…." and "too bad!!! [about the tattoos] coz the dress is lovely!!!"

C'mon, people. This is how it goes. You can certainly refuse to vote for a dress if you don't like GertieT's tattoos — it's your right to cast a vote based on any criteria you like. However (just so you know) you pretty much make yourself look like a blithering idiot by commenting to that effect. What will those comments accomplish? GertieT getting hers lasered off? (No.) Will they prevent some other person from getting a tattoo? (Unlikely.) All they do is make you look like narrow-minded ignoramuses.

Now, if this had been an actual moral issue — say, one of the contestants had been convicted of assault, or was an avowed racist, or something like that — I think you would be within your rights to announce WHY you weren't voting for a particular candidate. But because you don't like tattoos? Sheesh.

Now, I'm not a huge fan of tattoos. What does this mean? It means *I* don't have one. I've never found any image that I liked enough to want to make a permanent part of my skin. But that doesn't matter — what other people do with their skin is no concern of mine. And it's certainly not pertinent to the questions at hand, which is: "What's the nicest dress?"

The contest wasn't SewStylish's Spring Beauty Contest — it was a sewing contest! It takes a lot of gumption to pose for a contest picture, and if there are going to be these sorts of ad hominem comments, I bet there will be fewer contestants next round. What if next time one of the contestants is "overweight" (whatever that means) or is "too goth" (as if there was any such thing) or has an unusual hairstyle (whatever that is) or, heaven forbid, has something pierced other than her ears?

I don't want to be all "Oh noes! People are mean on the Internets!" but really, sewing people, I expect better from YOU. So if you're ever tempted to make this kind of comment, safe and protected behind your keyboard, think about how you would feel if a bunch of bozos decided to leave similar comments about you.

It's the Golden Rule, peoples. It's not difficult. Or if the "unto" in the Golden Rule trips you up, you can ask yourself two simple questions: "Is it truthful? Is it kind?"

63 thoughts on “Where to Draw the Line

  1. that is one fantastic dress! im so sorry that Gertie found herself instead of her skills up for judgement! Good Job Gertie!


  2. Thanks Belladonna! 😀 I didnt get what the website was – I read it as Stephanie Meyer starting a new website, which was obviously wrong… I blame working night shifts. 😉


  3. I thought that the dress had been perfectly designed to show off the gorgeous tats! Im not a tattoo person, myself (well, I have tattooed radiation markers, but they hardly count as they cant be easily seen), but I love the look of a well-designed, well-executed tattoo on someone else.The dress is beautiful and appears to be quite well-made. Id wear it in a heartbeat!It drives me nuts to think that people would comment on that – or on someones body shape – instead of commenting on the item on which theyre supposed to be focusing.


  4. Im Christian … and when I was first thinking of getting a tattoo, I looked up this nebulous Christians-dont-get-tattoos thing in the Bible myself. Well. The stricture is You shall not tattoo yourselves as the pagans do. Its a come-out-and-be-separate thing, as I read it, a be-clearly-the-people-of-God thing. (Apologies to any pagans reading this! You are wonderful!)So, I have no names of other gods, or Chinese dragons or symbols for wealth or health or luck, or images of other deities tattooed on me. But I have three awesome abstract tattoos I designed myself that are super colorful and I love them!!!Anyway, just my thought processes. Miss Bertie, you are scrumptious and your sewing skills are envious. And whoever is doing your body art, KEEP HER – she is doing RIGHT by you!!!


  5. Youre totally right loved the XKCD reference — how cool that two of my favorite things on the internets are connected in such a fine cause!


  6. Its amazing to me what people will say when they think they are safe. once i overheard someone making comments about my daughters pink hair when she was playing in the orchestra…i turned around and said maybe you should think about whose mother is sitting in front of you talk about her child. there was some stammering and back , next pedaling…hopefully next time she will keep her mouth shut or say something like…What a pretty girl


  7. Some people are just asshats. Unfortunately, they tend to be more likely to shoot off their mouths (or keyboards) than more pleasant people.The dress is lovely. It is a cute style, well-fitted, and I cannot believe how well she matched up those stripes! Such a great piece of work.And I think Gertie looks adorable in it, tattoos and all.


  8. I looked at the picture and thought WOW, nice dress!, then proceeded on to your story and was all Huh? Tatoos?, looked back up at the picture and burst out laughing.I honestly hadnt even noticed the tatoos on the first go-round because the dress was so fabulous!


  9. Ah, the baseness of human nature is just simply ridiculous at times. Geez.Gertie, Im so sorry that your beautiful sewing accomplishment was overlooked by ANYONE because of your tattoos! Its so stupid and petty that it is not even worth worrying about. Your dress is gorgeous and I am super impressed at your sewing skills! You matched your stripes so perfectly! Way 2 go!!! 😀


  10. Yep, here in the states… people have a right to do what they want! Her dress is lovely! So, since Ive just read this one today who won? Im not into tatoos either… but, my mom taught me… the old saying…. If you cant say something nice dont say anything at all! Besides, I dont know the person… and she is probably a neat gal… Besides that, she sews! Whats not to like!


  11. I think GertieTs tattoos are beautiful. Not everyone can pull this off, and she does so with style and grace. And all that with a red flower in her hair. Viva la difference!


  12. I completely agree that her tatoos have nothing to do with the contest. Perhaps some readers are against tatoos for biblical reasons but a true Christian would not voice disapproval in such a rude and unloving manner, if at all. Our character is more important than our appearance and the negative comments about the tatoos show a mean-spirited character. Good luck Gertie, your dress is very cute!


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