This Week's Pattern Story (and sale)

Simplicity 2081

Historians have long dismissed speculation that a secret international cabal of powerful women had plans to intentionally prolong WWII in order to increase male casualties, freeing up postwar positions of power and importance for women in government, industry, and the universities.

But recently discovered documents, including this sample pattern (never distributed) intended for the uniforms of the new world order, lend credence to these claims.

Professor Emerita Annabelle Rhys-Middleton, an expert in women's underground organizations of the 20th century, called the new find "Immaterial." She added "If such an organization existed — and I'm not saying it did, mind you — it just might have decided that beating Hitler was more important, in the long run, than dragging things out just to have a few more jobs."

"I mean, if you really want a society where women have more and more important jobs, all you have to do is promote a culture of binge drinking and dangerous sports among adolescent males, retarding their academic progress so that more women graduate with higher honors from the top universities. Then you just have to be patient. Wait, did I say that out loud?"

[Pattern is from Jen at MOMSPatterns, who is running a 15% off sale until the end of the month, with the coupon code 'lovepatterns' … and she will still ship for free in US & Canada with the purchase of 5 or more and offer discounts internationally.]

20 thoughts on “This Week's Pattern Story (and sale)

  1. The 1940s (actually, the late 1930s – early 1950s) is absolutely my favorite decade, style-wise.Yeah, the Fifties had glamour, but you can really WEAR those Forties dresses, and you wont go broke buying four yards of good cloth just for the skirt.I just wish I could find more affordable, closed-toed shoes with mid-height Cuban heels to go with them . . .


  2. That is a fiiiiine dress. Unfortunately, scaling it up from 34 inches to my majestic bustitude would be a full-time project for a highly-trained set of Drafting Dwarves.Did you notice the symbol of their Secret Society, which is to be embroidered pointing to a line connecting the left nipple to the left ovary? Clearly some mysterious Amazonian ritual is implied.


  3. Can we make our uniforms in a color besides grey? It doesnt flatter me and Id fade into my cubicle walls. –Karen


  4. The red embroidery emblem looks like a 1940s graphic designers rendering of the ever popular Sock Monkey.


  5. It just goes to show that, historically, any womens political movement that includes red peek-toe pumps in its uniform is headed for a fizzle.


  6. I love red peep-toe pumps! Combined with killer red lips, a Bacallesque dress like this, and a seductive yet steely demeanor, its no wonder the dames of WWII practically took over the country.


  7. Warning! These are just male interlopers trying to better themselves .. the shoulder/hip ratio is a dead give away.


  8. That symbol is not a sock monkey, it is the cabals sign. Now, as a man, I feel a sudden urge to go drink a fifth of JD and do some motocross jousting while my wife patiently observes…


  9. Great story and dress! If we women plan on a new world order of our own with us in charge well we damn well look good! LOL …Love the last comments.


  10. i stumbled upon this pattern and i immediately thought of your blog; i was clicking swiftly past patterns and this one too but i had to hit the back button b/c i thought what is she drinking???, so the part where i thought of your blog – b/c it looks like one of these story patterns. đŸ™‚


  11. I recently found a McCall’s pattern I believe it was in which the woman is wearing a beret that has what look like that W inside of the oval on it. I immediately thought of this post when I brought it home!


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