Last Blast in Chicago

So I'm moving to California (to just south of San Francisco, to be vague about it) and Mary Beth is kindly having a fabric swap and quasi-going-away-party THURSDAY NIGHT (that's the 23rd! TOMORROW! Sorry for the short notice!) for me. Isn't that nice? Chicago people are so nice. (Sniff.)

I will have a ton of fabric to swap away, and other assorted weirdnesses from the depths of my (now mostly in boxes) sewing room, and maybe a vintage dress or two to give away. So please come!

Here are the details:

Time: 6-8:30 p.m.

Date: Thursday, July 23

Rogers Park Public Library
6907 N. Clark St
Chicago, IL 60626
2nd floor, south room

What?: Fabric Swap

What's a Fabric Swap?:
We'll be exchanging fabric, notions, yarn, patterns and bagged remnants. Fat quarters are welcome this time around. Quilters take note!

Anything Else I should Know?: Since this is a swap, no money/check can be exchanged on the premises. This is important. As I mentioned previously, anybody caught paying real U.S. dollars for items in the swap will be lashed with a tape measure or forced to count pattern pieces.

What can I bring?:
See above. Wear a dress too (if you're sew inclined). Perhaps one you've sewn would love to show off to Erin before she boards her airplane west.

How can I help?: Thanks for asking. In addition to bringing fabric, please bring food or a drink. Paper plates, napkins and cups too. We're having a party! We all sort fabrics on tables. Afterwards, we'll need a driver with enough room in the car to cart leftover unwanted fabric to local Salvation Army.

Where can I park if I drive? What about public transportation?:
There's a parking lot behind the library. Call for details. You can easily get to the Rogers Park Public Library on the no. 22 bus. It's also two blocks west of the Morse Red line stop, a block east of the Rogers Park stop on the Union Pacific North Metra line.

Ok, what next?:
Email marybeth.klatt @@@gmail DOT com with Fabric Swap in the subject line, let Mary Beth know you're coming OR leave a comment at her blog.

Hope to see you Chicagoans there!

53 thoughts on “Last Blast in Chicago

  1. Im sorry Erin, but I hate California. People are very mean, the cops like to write tickets and the whole state is rottin. Best of luck anyway but why dont you come to FLORIDA! We have NO STATE INCOME TAX! and very low property taxes with homestead exemption, NO SNOW and lots to see do. California sucks!


  2. Oh goodness! All the best with the unpacking, Erin! Hope youre settling in OK. But did you have to go so very far away? Sobbing into my vast cotton reel collection…


  3. Oh, I wish I had found your blog sooner! How did the swap go? I am in the Chicago area too. What a neat idea? Hmm…maybe we should start a trend, but too bad you are moving. My daughter was quite intrigued with your website. She likes to sew and she likes vintage apparel…I think she will be back too. 🙂


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