Shout-out to My Peeps

City News photo by Brian Butko

Lots of stuff going on in the blogosphere and elsewhere:

Lisa of Miss Helene's was featured in an article in the Indianapolis Star (and she didn't even tell me — Rachael did)!

Cherie of Shrimpton Couture was interviewed at Collector's Weekly!

The fabulous founder of Spoonflower was interviewed on the APM podcast The Story. (Thanks to Kay for the link, and you should also know that the first part of the podcast is about a man who at the age of 17 parachuted into a forest fire with a group of fire fighters. Nothing about fabric, unless it's Kevlar.)

And our own fabulous Cookie was a featured blogger at Holly's Lucite Box blog! (And Holly's starting a BIG sale tomorrow … check this space later for more details!)

12 thoughts on “Shout-out to My Peeps

  1. Hi Erin, I appreciate that you mentioned Cookies blog post. If not for Dress A Day, Im not sure many of us would know the extraordinarily talented Cookie! I know I always look forward to Cookies comments and was delighted when my query for a guest blogger was met with enthusiasm.Thanks, Cookie! Youre awesome.


  2. I love the old buildings; they have so much character. Not sure if the one pictured relates to any of these peeps, but its a great picture.


  3. Thanks for the shout out, Erin! That article was almost 1/2 a page, and brought me lots of people whod like to part with many lovely patterns, and even some who preferred to buy. Yay!


  4. I loved reading what Cookie had to say, but I was disappointed to see it was a one time thing…I have looked for a regular blog written by Cookie…and there should be one! Get on that will you?


  5. I couldve sworn Cookie had a blog . . . maybe Im thinking of when he did a long piece on preservation at the National Trusts website?In any case, Im sure hell let us know. And yes, he is fab!


  6. Thank you, babies! No, I do not have A Blog of Ones Own. I am maybe going to convert my bedroom into a sewing room and move my bed into the adjoining dressing room/alcove (that I never go in), as my Moms going to be with me for the winter (to combat her seasonal depression) (which is actually only aging neediness), and I thought we could work on sewing together and make some childrens clothes to sell at flea markets or something. Occupational therapy, basically. She is a good sewist. That situation could be the basis for a good blog. However, Im not entirely driven to communicate and ORGANIZE in that way…I am just a squatter at OTHER peoples blogs! For now.So pleased you all liked the guest blog entry : ) Thank you for the compliments!


  7. You can squat at my blog ANY TIME you want, Cookie. I wholly support your move to make stuff with your mom. It sounds like it will be a good experience for both you. What better way to beat the winter blues than by being creative?Holly


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