There's still some summer left …

Sherbet plaid dress

Holly at Lucite Box Vintage tipped me off that she is having a sale … 15% off any item on the site using the coupon code madmen. The sale started today and runs through Saturday 8/22.

I am such a sucker for large-scale plaids and this dress is a doozy. Plus, it's B40/W29, which is a forgiving size … especially for some of our more well-endowed friends. And only $60, or just $51 on sale!

I would wear this with little flat shoes and a white or pink cardigan, and an ice-cream cone. The ice-cream cone is the essential accessory for this dress. I recommend mint-chocolate-chip, the bright green chemical kind, for contrast, or maybe even rainbow sherbet, if you want to be all matchy-matchy. And a bicycle. I would definitely add a bicycle. A Schwinn "Breeze" by preference, but that's really up to you. (They come in yellow …)

22 thoughts on “There's still some summer left …

  1. Ive been coveting that dress for a while, but I havent yet made the plunge. Im afraid the chest area will be too big, but its very pretty. As you can see, life is hard.


  2. I love the way the bodice is cut on the bias and placed just right on the stripes. Not sure I would have thought of that if I were making it. It is lovely summery dress.


  3. The ribbon bow has to go. If were doing vintage, it would have had a belt with a buckle – self-covered or in a pinch a white leather one. Love this dress.


  4. Hi, Erin! Thanks for posting about my sale. What a lovely interpretation of how to accessorize this dress. I look awful in yellow, so my Schwinn would need to be true orange. (I think the Breeze was offered in that color.) I also might prefer a push-up pop to match the bicycle. Packrat–I emphatically agree with you about the belt–one hundred percent! I try to keep a stash of belts around here when things come to me without their original belt. The only white belt I had was late 60s and just too wide for it. Hence, the grosgrain substitute. I usually shoot things without the belt if Im doing something make-shift w/ribbon. Whoopsie!You know, Gail, I have looked at this dress many times and Ive never really noted that giant X on the bodice. What a fabulous way to layout the plaid! I am a huge sucker for all things plaid, by the way. Hope youre all enjoying the remains of summer. Holly


  5. This is lovely. The neckline is a little choke-ish, but Ill overlook a lot for a plaid like that. I might go with a popsicle too: its hard to ride a bike and eat ice cream at the same time without getting it (the ice cream, that is) all over your dress.


  6. Well, I loved it when Peggy Olsen pitched her ad campaign for Popsicle. Take it. Break it. Share it. Love it. I smiled all over during that scene of Mad Men. It was perfect!


  7. I love mint chocolate chip bright green ice cream! i rode a schwinn from 1st grade all the way to college. I had a blue 6-speed in college.


  8. I have a Schwinn Breeze, and that is the perfect bike for this dress. I would totally wear the dress and ride the bike, and what a great idea to go get a scoop of ice cream. Thanks for the post, Erin!


  9. The lay-out on this is lovely, the bias crosses the bodice in such a graceful way. However, the bodice looks very shapeless, and the neckline is definately chokey. Nice, but not quite.


  10. I love the idea of wearing it with an ice cream cone… although I wouldnt go that way, especially not because the colours of the dress dont seem like mine.But sure theres still some summer left. And once it ends: Will there be a Wear a Dress Day/Week again?


  11. I love this dress, especially how the bias cut of the bodice is so nicely positioned. It makes we want to dig out my plaid fabrics and get to work!


  12. Oh great! Gorgeous and i like it. Love the style and the color is good. All is perfect for this dress. =DSoloTravel and LivingJob Hunt Pinoy


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