Can it be? Yes … LINKTASTIC FRIDAY RETURNS! On a Monday.

black lace dress from Reware Vintage

Reware Vintage
(in Pontiac, Michigan) is having a sale — that's Bethany's black lace dress up there, B40 and $36 (!) — 20% everything using coupon code THIEF.

Wendy at PatternStash is having a sale; it runs today through Tuesday. 20% discount with code "Dressaday".

A reader (who is NOT a pattern-seller, but a pattern-buyer) has asked if I could make a post about what people would like to see in online pattern stores, and also what they would NOT like to see. If you have wishes or pet peeves, would you email them to me? I'll compile a list and post it here (and you can be as anonymous as you like).

If you missed the comments on the COPA entry, I've set up a Google group for a potential co-op, and you can sign up to join here.

Lisa gives me some of the best news I've heard in a while … Liberty + Target? Please let it be true …

Great new blog from the FIDM Museum … I especially liked this post.

Trista of Sugardale is getting rid of some vintage patterns on Etsy (you remember Trista, don't you?) and you can find them here.

Do you guys know about the California Art Deco Society's Gatsby Afternoon? That's not my time period but I'm very tempted … (thanks to Kate for the link!)

It's a dress, it's a kayak, it's a cool link from Tracey. Check it out.

Sarah (of ColorKitten) sent a link to Little Golden Book fabric! (*WANT*)

That's it for today! Enjoy your little dose of Friday on a Monday this week.

12 thoughts on “Can it be? Yes … LINKTASTIC FRIDAY RETURNS! On a Monday.

  1. We loves the Gatsby! Omg, does that mean youre in CA now (long-time lurker, first-time cyber stalker ;-). Its a fantastic event, huge, pretty, filled w/a mix of barely period repro outfits super-fabulous antiques, plus a mansion, period cars, dancing to a live band, BYO fantastic picnic champagne. If you go, look for a riff on the bottom-right dress (only pudgier 🙂


  2. Thanks Erin! I was able to find pictures front and back of about 7 or 8 old patterns I had that didnt have envelopes. I wouldnt subscribe myself but would sure join any group chip in!


  3. Havent quilted in years, no grandchildren in immediate future, but I am so getting some of that fabric for little ones quilts!!!!


  4. Delightful roundup of links, thank you for sharing. Im off to click my way through each one of them! Wishing you a beautiful Monday week ahead! Jessica


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