Measuring Up to the Cutting Edge

Yuwa Scissors Measuring Tape Fabric

Thanks to Helen I now have four yards of this fabric — actually, thanks to Helen I now have the LAST four yards of this fabric, because I'm mean like that. But take heart! There are other colorways (some border prints!) of this adorable Yuwa scissors fabric available at PurlSoho, and it's on sale (which means $9 instead of $15, but hey …)

It's only 43 inches wide, and I did only get four yards of it, so I'm not sure exactly what I'll make yet. (It may work for the same pattern as the infamous Target-curtain numbers dress.)

It might just be my monitor, but I think this colorway is very 1930s, especially with the old-fashioned scissors. I can't wait until it shows up … I hope I can get my new sewing room organized before then, so it can hop right into the washing machine and onto the cutting table!

11 thoughts on “Measuring Up to the Cutting Edge

  1. That magenta, turquoise, and lavender border print one would look amazing as a Stunt Poodle Skirt kind of dress! Imagine applique-ing on a length of actual measuring tape.


  2. heh heh … Im not so far away that I couldnt just kinda/sorta drop in and make sure the fabric arrived safely. :-)And have you had your Sees Candies yet? NO??? What?? Do I have to come over and force feed you? [grin]


  3. A skirt would be great… then you could wear it with different colored blouses that match its colors. Im guessing that by the end of the day there wont be any of that fabric left! Yes, Fabricgirl. There was a similar stampede on the featured Vogue 7887 yesterday. It vanished from cemetarian (which I always want to call crematorium or creamatarian by mistake), then another one was snatched from Lanetz Living…it was a veritable BLOODBATH. And there are still marauding packs…


  4. As I am looking at the back of a 1940s short-sleeve dress pattern with a flared skirt, it specifies 3 3/4 of 32 material (with nap) for the entire dress, so I think there are a few possibilities…I love that fabric – but must resist, as I just moved about a ton (only a slight exaggeration) of unused fabric stash around…


  5. So cute! I hope you post a pic of the final dress. I am on a shirtdress making frenzy. Although I am only using two patterns. I dont have the patience to alter patterns. I just want the dresses–Now!


  6. This fabric is lovely, and I agree that the colourway is very 1930s. $9/yd is a fairly reasonable price for Yuwa fabric… and those border prints are lovely.


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