Things I Wish I'd Made (Number 1023 in a Series)

Watteau pleat dress

Aicha Hockx sent me these pictures ages and ages ago, of this amazingly gorgeous modern dress she made that features a Watteau pleat at the back.

You *must* go check out her blog to see the posts she wrote about this dress: this one with more pictures (including the front, which has pockets!), this one with historical references, and this one where she explains it all very clearly!

This would quite possibly the world's best cocktail dress if executed in gold brocade. Actually, if you showed me this in gold brocade I would not be surprised if you also said "Look, it's Prada."

I love this so much. This is the dress I will wear after the time machine is perfected and I visit 2039. (I don't want to look like a hick.)

12 thoughts on “Things I Wish I'd Made (Number 1023 in a Series)

  1. Ooooh, the side view! I didnt really get the effect until I clicked and took a look. Am I crazy or would this be great in a bridal gown? Instead of a train, you know? I love this.


  2. To my eyes, this would be the thing to wear to work in an art gallery. Crisp, tailored, creative, and incorporating allusions to art history.


  3. Minya, Im not sure. If you go to my blog (just follow the links in Erins post), youll find a describtion of the Watteau-pleat pattern piece I guess you could add that to the back of the McCall dress instead of its usual pleat. Historically, Watteau pleats falling down from short shoulder yokes have been in use for longer than the straight-from-the-top type I used. However, I think you would have to stitch the Watteau pleat down all the way, instead of just to the waist in order to keep anything like the shape of the dress (which, in turn would not make the pleat work quite the way it should)


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