A couple of Friday shirtdresses, a couple of Friday sales …

Simplicity 2412

Janet at Lanetz Living is off to the lake this weekend, but her site is having a 15% off sale while she's gone — through Monday at midnight (CST)! (Use the coupon discount code LAKE in the box on the shipping page.)

And Rita at Cemetarian is having a sale, too, which mean you can get this doozy for 15% off (you can get 15% off anything from now until Oct. 15, with free shipping in the US, too — [edited to add] use the code LUV):

Butterick 2347

I don't know how you could possibly choose between these two. I recommend grabbing 'em both. On your mark, get set, GO!

10 thoughts on “A couple of Friday shirtdresses, a couple of Friday sales …

  1. okay ive got the pattern in my cart but I dont see a sale price or a sale announcement on cemetarian – did you leave out the code? is there a code? eek!


  2. 20 slaps with a wet noodle to Erin…………she forgot to give you the code.it is LUV ADAD What are we going to do with her……just HUG her to death.Rita


  3. That first pattern, with the chiffon overlay, looks perfect for a vintage executive cocktail party. I can totally see someone wearing it when their hubby brings the boss home for dinner. I also happen to love that illustrator. (We really need to find out who these artists were!)The second seems a tad short. Isnt that length a little awkward, considering the overall proportions? Id say it needs to be about 2 longer (give or take)


  4. Hi, Cookie………actually that 2nd one is from 64 and hemlines were starting to creep up toward the kneecap……..I always preferred mid knee or just above the knee for these types of dresses…….anything else was just too long and dowdy. But then I was 16 in 64……..and recently married so I liked it a bit sexier. hehehe


  5. Something just struck me about the first pattern. Is that the standard pocket placement on the bodice of a ladies garment? (See version in white.) They look like theyre on the upper slope of the chest. I dont know that youd keep more than a slip of paper in those pockets, anyway – – i.e., maybe a shopping list – – but arent they usually lower? Perhaps the designer is trying for modesty by not centering the pocket squarely on the bosom…but it looks odd to me. (Note that Im the one who thinks the skirt in Pattern 2 has a wacky proportion, so take all this with a grain of salt.)


  6. Cookie,In 1964 the school dress code stated that we should be able to kneel on the floor, and our dress should still touch the floor…seriously!


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