Today's Pattern Story (and Sale)

McCalls 9640

Blue Dress: Why is she wearing a hat? I thought we all decided on no hats.

Floral Dress: I'm glad I decided to wear a hat. I was having a terrible hair day.

Blue Dress: And the bag, too! We said no bags!

Floral Dress: I look especially chic when I hold my arms like this, but man, it hurts. Good thing I remembered the bag, even though it's heavy. A bag really gives you the excuse you need to hold your arms all funny.

Blue Dress: I hope she knows I'm going to report her to the Sartorial Committee.

Floral Dress: I look so good, I'm a shoo-in for the Sartorial Committee!

Blue Dress: Well, maybe with all her code violations no one will notice I'm not wearing my gloves. My bracelets are completely chic. I'm sure to be elected to the Sartorial Committee.

Floral Dress: It's too bad that she's not wearing her gloves. That'll black-ball her from the Sartorial Committee for sure.

[Today's pattern courtesy Jen of MOMSPatterns — who is having a sale through Halloween; use coupon code 'dressup' on any order and save 15%!]

9 thoughts on “Today's Pattern Story (and Sale)

  1. PS – Fashion Police alert. Floral Dress bag and shoes dont match! Blue dress does have a glove in her hand. She lost the other one, thats why shes not wearing them.


  2. Nice shoulder pleats – adds a little elegance to an otherwise average dress. Floral dress lady personifies the saying ignorance is bliss


  3. Great dress pattern. Looks comfortable and chic at the same time.Note to blue dress: thats not a hat, its a lid. The poor dear is undergoing a left boob-lift with anterior shoulder tuck and until shes recovered her brain has been disconnected. When the procedure has been finished, the brain will be re-attached and the lid replaced with an ceramic plate in a tasteful floral pattern.


  4. I think Flowered Dress is arriving at the office for her first day among The Workforce. Thats a padded lunch cooler on her arm, and she hasnt yet learned to leave her fancy necklace at home (or in her desk, for those quick day-to-evening switcheroos.) Blue Dress is the head of the typing pool, and is considering telling her to rein in the accessories if she wants to stay with Fabian Publishing.


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