Linktastic Whatever-Today-Is

Hoo-boy. Have I been busy (and it shows no signs of slowing down or stopping)!

Here's some stuff I would have written about, had I had the time:

City Quilter Subway fabric

That above is City Quilter's new NYC Subway fabric. (I love CQ and try to visit when I have a spare half-hour in NYC. Beautiful, well-laid-out quilt fabric store!)

Mary Beth sent me a link to the Home Sewing Is Easy fabric. Home Sewing IS easy, but maybe not as easy as shown here …

Our own Cookie's hilarious (and useful) post on hairstyles, over on LuciteBox.

Gwen has some really cute and useful fabric-yardage cards here (which you'll need if you don't just follow my advice in this post).

Robin sent me this link from eBay. Art lover? You want (or maybe don't want) to click.

I love this dress, from Jen at MOMSPatterns:

McCalls 3612

(She's also having a Spooktacular Sale for two days and two days only! Use coupon code 'spooky25' when you check out and you'll save a whopping 25% off of your orders. Code expires at the stroke of midnight on Halloween [EDT].)

13 thoughts on “Linktastic Whatever-Today-Is

  1. Ive always thought a sash like that is so regal and pretty…Princess Graces wedding dress had one like it. Thanks for the link to my hairdo article : )AND I love that subway fabric. It would make a neat lining for a jacket…or for childrens clothes, in case they get lost?


  2. Cookie: Have you read a book called The Bombshell Manual of Style by Lauren Stover? I think you would adore it. Even though the bombshell adventures never do seem to happen to me, I keep hoping. Its a wonderful bathtub book, too. –Karen


  3. YES – I adore that book!!! Someone gave it to me as a gift, inscribed For my favorite bombshell (blush) It has not left my side since.


  4. Thank you so much for the link to my How Much Fabric? Reference Cards – and the reminder link to your advice! Its delightful! 🙂


  5. Cookie, I got such a laugh out of your hairdo article. No, Im not your mom, but I probably have some of those old magazines. lol Also, as I type this Im sitting at one of those little impractical desks. (At least my chair is more comfortable than the one shown in the picture.)Erin, thanks for sharing all the links and the pattern.


  6. Cookie, as ever, you are THE BOMB!! (not one of those chignon bombs, though)Erin, the subway fabric is beyond the beyond. And that Edvard Munch fabric is . . .. . . uh . . .. . . a scream?!Happy Halloween!


  7. Erin–wow! I am stunned by that subway print. Cookies right–coat lining all the way! Cookie–I couldnt agree with Lisa more. You *are* the bomb. Thanks for meetin me in the blogosphere. I hope youll be interested to write more…youre so good! Maybe you could show off the Swedish gardening girl tablecloth in its reincarnation. Thatd be swell! Happy Friday everyone!


  8. Im currently considering all of the things I could use that subway fabric for. The pattern has a piece of the 7 line, which is the train I take everywhere. Love it!


  9. I want the subway fabric.My 8th grade graduation dress (mid-last century) looked exactly like this pattern. It was a pink confection.


  10. The pattern has a piece of the 7 line, which is the train I take everywhere. Love it! I can spot the 1/2/3, which I used to take up and down the West Side. Transferring to the N and the R, to get to the catering company I worked for, was a horror. I remember knowing which subway cars to board at which spots on the platforms, to be near stairwells that made all the grubby transfering faster.


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