Wedding Wiki Challenge Update

Butterick 526

So remember the Wedding Wiki Challenge? We didn't get quite to 500 dresses tagged "Bridal" before the deadline, but if you add in all the ones tagged "wedding" we're there now, so I went ahead and donated the promised amount ($500) to Women for Women.

Have you all browsed this category? Check out this one and this one (I'm pretty sure Princess Leia got married in that one) and this one

The dress in this post is from Specialist Auctions — so pretty!

8 thoughts on “Wedding Wiki Challenge Update

  1. Yes, Princess Leia absolutely did get married in that dress – with that cowl neck in v-neckline, yes! Im not so sure about the sleeves on her, though…


  2. Glad to know this worked out. The Wiki has really become huge and really useful. This is all your doing Miss Erin, so thanks to you for making it happen!(And to your elves who edit and keep the place sorted out!)


  3. Thank you Erin, that was very kind of you to make the donation after all.While the goal on bridal only patterns was not met, the wiki did register a nice gain in those patterns during that time-period.


  4. How lovely of you to make the donation anyway, Erin! :)And that dress there is gorgeous. Easily one of my favourite models for wedding dresses – a bit like Marias in Sound of Music, no?


  5. Wow, the second pattern (the Princess Leia one) so much reminds me of my mums wedding dress. Except for the cowl neck, and the sleeves – my mums were short and she wore long gloves… The wedding took place in 1975 and the dress was made by her future mother in low, who unfortunately died a few months before the planned wedding. The dress fitted me when I was probably 14, or maybe earlier. Not that I was so big, my mum was really tiny at the time.


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