Regretsy? I've had a few.

Regretsy Monster Dress

Robin sent this link from Regretsy — you must click through and read all the comments. I try to stay off Regretsy as there are not enough hours in the day as it is, but if you see anything as miraculously demented as this, please feel free to send me a link.

Of course, when I was looking at it, I thought, "Wow, if they had just hoiked it up a bit so that the flappy eyebrows were the top of the dress, this might actually work." Then I thought "Man, it would be horrible to try to get crumbs out of that skirt." Then I decided I needed more caffeine, and went and got some.

What does this dress make you think you need? Other than a strong drink and a hug from a *live* Muppet? And has anyone cross-referenced this dress with the Muppet Wikia to see what beloved character was trapped and skinned to make this7?

29 thoughts on “Regretsy? I've had a few.

  1. Hm – the eyes on top of the dress may have created a somewhat unfortunate co-placement…As a costume, it is sort of cute, though…


  2. thats what you are / Unregrettable alhough near or far … That someone so unregrettable / Thinks that I am unregrettable too….Isnt that what Nat King Cole would say?


  3. I have to admit, I adore this dress. I would want it if I found it in my size. But I most certainly cannot be blamed because I have a background in literature and education of young children that has obviously messed with me big time. LOVE the post, thanks!


  4. Go ahead and take pot shots at this costume. The designer is laughing all the way to the bank–shes sold at least 6 of these!What this says about people who have excessive $$$ to spend, Im afraid to say…


  5. I could see it as some kind of weird Halloween costume… of course everyone would ask you what you were supposed to be…Muppet Wikia! going there now…math test be damned! (im supposed to be doing homework.)


  6. Even if you fix the eyes, which would make pupils problematic, youre still dealing with… well, wheres the mouth? My brain went bad places with this one. I may just be that filthy.


  7. I havent even ventured to Regretsy yet–Im saving it for my lunch hour(s) (ha), but I wanted to say that this dress is…well, uniquely fabulous. Its as witty as anything Castelbajac did in the 80s (anyone remember the teddy-bear coat?, and as wonderfully silly (and gutsy) as Bjrks hilarious swan dress.Could a muppet-themed red-carpet moment be on the horizon?


  8. I see quite a few of these sold. I want someone who bought this to come over here and tell us about the wearing of it, please. We need details.


  9. Oh, there is one more that is not just miraculously demented, its highly disturbing and wrecktastic as well – its – its tagline: because handmade isnt always pretty.Just a warning – often the posts are NSFW. It was through craftastrophe, though, that I learned that taxidermy truly knows no bounds; some people who felt wool should be taken out back and horsewhipped, and yet others shouldnt be allowed within 20 MILES of a sewing machine.


  10. It looks like a Chuzzle. If you like Tetris and those little gameboards that you move the squares around to make a picture you need to know chuzzle. Google it and get a free download. Addictive.Stunt dressing–but for what event?JenL


  11. Remember the Fry Guys from the McDonalds commercials? Back in the Hamburgler, Grimace days?this is obviously a fry guy costume – turned sexy for a grown up halloween! I kid, I kid!


  12. Umm, craftastrophe, what a concept. Dibs to whoever created this whimsical piece, I would not have the courage to place it on a professional model as my boyfriend would laugh me out of the house first. It must be a huge hit on sesame street.


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