Dresses in the News, Week of December 7th

Hepburn auction

A whole bunch of Hepburn-era Givenchy is going up for auction tomorrow. (Do you know the story of Audrey's first wedding dress? It's a tearjerker.)

Jenny at Chronically Uncool sent me a link to this article — 1300 vintage dresses found in St. Louis!

A whole bunch of Victoria Beckham's dresses were stolen. (I have no opinions about her husband, her music, or her personal life in general, but her dresses are quite pretty!)

12 thoughts on “Dresses in the News, Week of December 7th

  1. Given that the dresses are being sold to support a scholarship, it seems a real shame that they are selling them so cheaply.


  2. Im in. This is no lie, last night I dreamed of the Audrey Hepburn wedding dress although I had never seen it before…cue Twilight Zone music.


  3. Erin, THANKS for the heads up on the hoard of dresses sale. Ive waited my whole vintage-thrift-shopping life for an opportunity like this! Armed with my $20 allowance from hubby, theres nothing stopping me from dragging my 35 wk preggo-ness and ornery 5 yr old to that sale (despite the odds of getting trampled). Just to see the collection and ooh and ahh at styles from the past has to be worth the trip. It sounds like its for a great cause too. Thanks again and wish me luck!


  4. If you look up the word Iconic in the dictionary Audreys picture shows up. Okay just kidding but she is certainly the epitomy of Iconic


  5. Like every human being, I adore Audrey Hepburn. I recently watched one of her last films, Robin and Marion and she looks just as gorgeous at age 50 without tricky lighting and camerawork, practically without makeup. I am convinced she had SOME form of anorexia, however. Shirley MacLaine said that when they worked together, Hepburn would eat a hardboiled egg for lunch. Thats it. The basis of her fear about gaining weight seems to be that when she came over on the boat from Europe to do her first Broadway play, she was so lonely and frightened that she gorged on chocolates the whole way, and was almost fired when the producers saw her. I think she gained 30 pounds. From then on, she was EXTREMELY conscientious (I would almost say phobic) about maintaining a very very slim figure. Its not that she DIDNT eat, but…well, she had food issues. One writer said her slim appearance is embraced by women because it represents a time of girlhood, before a young woman has entered the messy world of sexual attraction and entanglement. I know the subject of Hepburns underweight can bring up strong reactions in her fans…but really, at times she was much much much too thin, and that size doesnt just HAPPEN. (I know all the stories about how the starvation she underwent in occupied Belgium threw off her metabolism, but I simply cannot accept thats the whole story.)BUT, I of course absolutely adore her, despite her sometimes sickly appearance.


  6. Audrey said that her eating issues related directly to her near starvation during WWII, and that anytime she was stressed, shed basically just stop eating altogether. She knew she had eating issues, but she skated on the edge with it and survived. She had a beautiful spirit.


  7. Too bad theyre not putting the vintage dresses on eBay – theyd get so much more money, even if they paid one of those services that takes a commission.Great story about Audrey Hepburns wedding dress! But I left a comment on the article about how the dress in the top photo is a completely different dress from the one on the dress form below.


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