I Maded You a Widget But I Forgotted It

I made a widget over on Widgetbox months ago, but because this blog is older than dirt and I never upgraded to the Blogger "Layouts" feature instead of the regular ol' "Templates", worrying that doing the conversion would eat up a Saturday better spent sewing, I have not told you about it. Until now.

It looks like this:

widgetbox widget

Click on that image and it will take you to the Widgetbox page for installation instructions. Unfortunately, because of the "older than dirt" restriction as mentioned above, I have no idea how normal people would install this widget on *their* blogs. Supposedly it "just works," but Steve Jobs didn't harm anyone in the construction of this widget, so take that with a grain of salt.

If you want to make your own random dress widget from your own pattern images, let me know — I'm happy to share the code, such as it is! You'll need to be able to create a new directory & ftp into to rename files for it to work.

13 thoughts on “I Maded You a Widget But I Forgotted It

  1. Very cool. (In THEORY, if you click on the button at widgetbox, you can get the plain code for your widget without it automatically trying to embed it somewhere for you. I hate that. It never works and I dont care what Steve Jobs or the evil monkeys say.) Anyway, this is cool, thanks!


  2. At first I thought the quote was about buying us a WIGLET!That is another one of my favorite pattern illustrators! (Not that there seems to have been that many.) Hence, another avatar of their work, in tribute.


  3. This is my very favorite artist, though. They also drew for Simplicity, but the Childrens Pattern Division.I kind of wonder if its the same illustrator as the one above, just working in a simpler, more child-appropriate style? Anyway, I love the look of these Childrens illustrations!


  4. OMG, I didnt even know what a wiglet was (and oh man, was I ever hoping that my stab-in-the-dark guess was wrong… WRONG! It was totally right. I had to Google it.) Wiglets! Theyre freaking me out.Ive decided I love Cookie.


  5. WIGLETs would be very appropriate when discussing or wearing vintage designs from the 60s. My mom had one. They were all the rage. They turned into falls in the 70s. They are now akin to extensions, but not the same thing.


  6. The first time I saw a wiglet, I was with my mom in a beauty parlor in the 1970s. This woman was getting her hair all teased and done up in a dome shape, and I was fascinated. Then, like the cherry on a sundae, the stylist popped this…hair thing on top. It was like those ribbon rosettes that go on giftwrap, but made of hair. I thought it was all extremely fancy, and wanted my mom to get one, too. She was always extremely pretty, in a very casual way, and she thought about it and said, But I dont have to.Now I think wiglets are a little creepy. How do you shampoo them and not break up the manufactured style??? They must end up like Marie Antoinettes crusty wigs that she just kept spraying with perfume. (Not to offend any wiglet wearers out there…)


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