Abject Awe Thursday (with a sale)

Trompe L'oeil

This dress (at Holly's LuciteBox Vintage) makes me nearly incandescent with joy. I know we've seen some trompe l'oeil dresses here before, but this one not only takes, but bakes, frosts, and decorates the cake, with those sparkling unblowoutable candles on top.

And NOT ONLY is this a fairly reasonable size (28 waist) it's ON SALE. Holly's having a three-day sale: today's the second day, so use the code SECONDDAY and get 30% off anything on her site. (Tomorrow is the THIRDDAY, and you can get 35% off, but I bet if you wait this dress will be GONE. And that's no-foolin'.)

What kinds of trompe-l'oeil dresses do you wish existed? (Don't ask for fake pockets, though. That's just cruel.)

10 thoughts on “Abject Awe Thursday (with a sale)

  1. I want a dress with a fake apron printed on it. Which I would then wear underneath a real apron. Wouldnt that just blow peoples minds?!


  2. I agree with you about fake pockets–I hate that, and also semi-fake pockets that are only about 1 inch deep. Duh.Id like a dress with a white swan wrapped around. To ceremoniously wear to a red carpet ceremony. 😉


  3. Oh there are a few things Id love to buy from Holly, but Im afraid of customs costs so I wont. Also, I dont ever wear nice things.


  4. actually, fake pockets are the main problem with the trompe loeil clothing!i had a skirt with fake belt, placket, buttons and pocket–from the 70s…it looked like Roberta di Camerino but didnt have tags. i realized i should get rid of it when i was entertaining notions of actually putting in an inset pocket under the fake one…so i gave it to a friend.


  5. Fake slim waist. Bit hard to imagine, but how about a dress that fakes 9foot long legs, like the pattern envelopes!?I quite like th idea of fake pockets, big flapped ones with buttons on, or ric-rac trim with Real pockets underneath at the side.


  6. I agree with you on fake pockets or semi fake pockets; NEVER!Also never a fake belt. Always have real pockets. Maybe two on the chest with flaps to put things in and two really deep ones on the sides at the waist to put your hands in (which I always do) or other things in.


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