Sub Ubi Semper Ubi

Oasis Rosalind Trompe L'Oeil dress

Holly of Lucite Box Vintage sent me the link to this dress (for sale at Oasis). I kind of love it, but more as a witty swimsuit coverup than as an actual dress, and it's definitely on the pricey side for something like that ($60, plus $10 shipping to the US). Plus, you know, no pockets.

The rest of the Oasis site terrifies me, especially this dress, which I am certain to have nightmares about for quite some time. (Although it would be pretty awesome as part of a Joker's-henchwoman costume for Halloween … )

11 thoughts on “Sub Ubi Semper Ubi

  1. Oh, no–no pockets on a swimsuit cover-up is even worse. Talk about a time when you REALLY need pockets. Where are you going to put your shells, sea-glass, and quarters to buy Cokes?


  2. My nutty Latin teacher was a big fan of Semper Ubi Sub Ubi. Funny, after all the years I studied the language, I dont remember any of the grammar, but I remember all the puns.


  3. I was thinking that the white one thats printed like a trench would be even better for the beach. (Oh, the incongruency of it all!) Plus, I think these trompe loiel oversized things would be good for when youre having an I feel fat day.


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